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P97-8178R (1999-2001) The Adjustment Process of SMEs in Poland and the Czech Republic to the Single Market

Principal investigator: † prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík CSc.
Description: The main objective of the research was to find answer to the question: are SMEs in the Czech Republic prepared (or at least preparing themselves) to operate in the European Single Market)? The changes observed in France and Italy should be compared with changes that have been taking place in Poland and the Czech Republic in recent years based on macroeconomic research.
An attempt has also been made to verify to what extent Czech enterprises match enterprises profiles, which are characteristic to European countries. Comparison of changes in the profile of owners/managers and enterprises allowed to determine, for example, their competitiveness and the degree of openness towards Europe.
Participation: Leader P.Dominiak (Gdansk University),G.Canullo (Ancona Uni.), H.Mesur (ESC Rouen), V.Dvorak, D.Brachacek,D.Kyselkova (IES), A.Zemplinerova (CERGE-NH UK)
Work in grant: Survey and Case studies - D.Brachacek (Amylon, TIU-Plast), L.Kolecek (Agrodat)
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Finance: PHARE-ACE research project No P 97-8178R
End date: 05/2001

Mejstrik M.,Small and medium businesses in CR in the face of uniform European market in the light of empirical survey, 2005

Threats and Opportunities for SMEs of Joining the Single European Market: The Czech republic Country Report, Occassional Paper IES , Prague, 2001


Seminar of the PHARE ACE PROJECT P97-8178R: The Adjustment Process of SMEs in Poland and the Czech Republic to the Single Market 2001


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