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Restructuring and Development of the Banking Sector in Advanced Transition Countries: Lessons of Czech bank and debtor consolidation, bank privatisation and acquisitions for Bulgaria (2001)

Řešitel: † prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík CSc.
Popis: The purpose of the case study on the Czech experience with restructuring and development of the banking sector was to draw lessons for Bulgaria that developed its banking sector in number of similar inherited conditions both within banking sector (such as role of Saving bank) and within corporate sector with its privatization methods. Our study confirmed that they shared similar problems, challenges and scenarios, descriptions of which can provide very enlightening contribution to the discussions within Bulgaria about the suggested banking restructuring measures. Czech team prepared and presented 1. the country study overview of the historical developments in the banking sector of Czech Republic, 2.the comparative paper on Foreign take-overs in the banking industry (from cases in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic). The reference to the Bulgarian banking sector was included both into our study (similarities or otherwise, possible scenarios for the way forward, etc.) and also into comparative study prepared under the guidance of Pal Gaspar.
Spolupráce: P.Gaspar (ICEG Hungary), E.Balcerowicz (CASE Poland), I.Petkova, R.Stefanov (EPI Bulgaria),A.Dvořáková, M.Neprašová, K.Kašová
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Finance: East- West Management Institute - Partners for Financial Stability
Konec: 08/2001

Mejstrik M.,A.Dvorakova,M.Neprasova,"Czech and Bulgarian Financial Sector Development and Problems of Corporate Governance" In: Restructuring and Development of the Banking Sector in Advanced Transition Countries...,EPI Sofia 2001, pp.27-86

Mejstrik M.,Dvoráková A., Neprašová M.,Czech versus Bulgarian Banking Sector: Main Characteristics and Problems, in:"Restructuring and Development of the Banking Sector in Advanced Transition Countries...", Sofia,EPI 2001


the International conference on banking organized by Economic Policy Institute and East-WestManagement Institute and USAID , June 2001




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