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GAUK 520312 - Can Deadlines and Reminders Help the Poorest to Save?

Principal investigator: Tomáš Želinský PhD
Collaborators: doc. PhDr. Julie Chytilová Ph.D.
Description: The aim of the project is to analyse whether deadlines and reminders can serve as a disciplining attribute of commitment saving products for vulnerable poor people from marginalised regions, which might enable them to save on regular basis. It is often argued that poor people cannot afford to save even if they want to. Several studies suggest that their regular saving ability is affected by difficulties with self-control.
The sample of 500 new clients with low incomes accepted on a saving program will serve as the basis for the analysis. The saving program is aimed at the poorest from marginalised regions of Slovakia
The main research methods used within the project are a combination of randomised controlled trials and experimental measurement of time discounting and present-biased preferences.
The generation of savings by the target group is presently very low level. The knowledge of time and time inconsistent preferences will enable us to study why deadlines and reminders might work and have a significant impact on higher levels of savings.
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Finance: 281 000 CZK (2012)
End date: 2013

On Inconsistency of Time Preferences of People from the Marginalised Roma Communities

Poverty and Deprivation in Slovakia: Methodological Aspects and Empirics


2013 World Meetings of the Economic Science Association (ESA) (Zurich, Switzerland, 11. - 14. 7. 2013)




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