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Beauty and Productivity in Academic Publishing

Řešitel: Mgr. Ing. Kseniya Bortnikova
Popis: One of the major challenges in the economics of beauty is distinguishing discriminative preferences in favor of physically attractive workers from real differences in productivity. If taste-based discrimination by employers is present, then legislating for labor policies based on physical attractiveness has a fundamental anti-discriminatory call. If attractive workers are simply more productive in certain occupations, then abolishing incentives for sorting into jobs based on physical attractiveness might harm overall match quality between worker and employer. Academic publishing appears to be a promising area for isolating the productivity-enhancing effect of beauty, since the process of publication reviewing, which precedes publishing, is double-blind.
The project aims to examine the effect of physical attractiveness on productivity in the beauty-neutral context, which is academic publishing. Previous work by Paphawasit and Fidrmuc (2018) found a significantly positive effect of authors’ attractiveness on academic productivity in economics. Our research starts in such academic fields as psychology and computer science. We will enrich our contribution by exploiting a machine-learning approach to identify specific facial features associated with beauty and to generate continuous variables, which will reflect the attractiveness of each author.
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Finance: GAUK 1308320, submitted 11/2019
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