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Real economy effects of monetary policy - GAUK - 424121

Principal investigator: MSc. Shahriyar Aliyev
Collaborators: Ilgar Ismayilov M.A.
prof. Ing. Evžen Kočenda Ph.D., DSc.
Description: Our project designed for the investigation of real economy outcomes of monetary policy. The primary focus of this project is to assess the sectoral (both domestically and globally) effects of ECB monetary policy. For this purpose, we have investigated the outcomes of ECB monetary policy on global sectoral commodity prices. We found that contractionary monetary policy shocks have positive effects on aggregate and sectoral commodity prices during both conventional and unconventional monetary policy periods.
As a continuation of this project, this year (2020/21), we are investigating the effects of ECB monetary policy on sectoral industrial production (IP) prices. Our preliminary results indicate that the impact of positive short-term policy shock have negative impact on sectoral IP indices like, manufacturing, total IP, intermediate, construction, consumer and energy goods.
Afterwards, the following project plan (2021/22 AY) is to investigate the ECB policy effects on sectoral stock prices. We will work on other interesting/novel topics related to real economy effects of monetary policy.
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Finance: GAUK 424121, submitted on 16.11.2020
End date: 2022


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