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Physical Attractiveness and Productivity in Academic Publishing

Řešitel: Mgr. Ing. Kseniya Bortnikova
Popis: One of the major challenges in the economics of beauty is distinguishing discriminative preferences in favor of physically attractive workers from real differences in productivity. If taste-based discrimination by employers is present, then legislating for labor policies based on physical attractiveness has a fundamental anti-discriminatory call. If attractive workers are simply more productive in certain occupations, then abolishing incentives for sorting into jobs based on physical attractiveness might have a negative impact on overall match quality between worker and employer.
Academic publishing appears to be a promising area for investigating the potential productivity-enhancing effect of beauty since academic publishing represents a field in which intellectual abilities should play a central role and the opportunity for taste-based discrimination should be very limited.
The project aims to examine the effect of physical attractiveness on productivity in the beauty-neutral context, which is academic publishing. Previous work by Paphawasit and Fidrmuc (2018) found a significantly positive effect of authors’ attractiveness on academic productivity in economics. We will enrich the contribution to the literature by replicating the study by Paphawasit and Fidrmuc using a different estimation strategy(Bayesian model averaging) and by exploiting a machine-learning approach to identify specific facial features associated with the beauty of each author.
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Finance: GAUK 334121, submitted 11/2020
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