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GAUK 295522 (2022-2024) - Combined technical and economical modelling of energy storage for hybrid photovoltaics-wind power generation systems

Principal investigator: Paulo Rotella Junior Ph.D.
Collaborators: prof. Ing. Karel Janda M.A., Dr., Ph.D.
MSc. Binyi Zhang
Description: Many countries have considered the possibility of hybrid electricity generation from renewable energy sources, seeking benefits for the electrical system performance. The increasing use of intermittent sources, such as solar and wind, substantially alters grid operations. These operational challenges can be minimized by incorporating energy storage systems (ESS), which play a prominent role in increasing the reliability and stability of the electricity grid. Currently, electrochemical ESS, among which batteries stand out, have shown greater relevance due to their versatility. Some critical aspects of ESS are the cost of batteries and the lack of regulation on their use and monetization. Thus, this study aims to evaluate the technical-economic feasibility of hybrid plants with battery banks as ESS. The main scientific contributions of this project are: i) conduct a stochastic analysis of the economic feasibility of hybrid photovoltaic (PV)-wind power generation with battery banks as ESS; ii) develop a method to conduct technical-economic feasibility analysis of hybrid power generation systems using process capability indices; iii) propose a stochastic model based on mix arrangements with process variables to determine the optimal mix hybrid systems with battery banks as ESS; iv) discuss the main regulatory aspects that are being adopted in countries that are at the forefront of implementing an ESS and the application possibilities for regulatory adequacy in emerging countries. In addition, the researchers intend to contribute to the training of human resources, assist in the management of a research group, participate and promote partnerships with other educational institutions and companies, submit other projects to promote the group's activities.
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End date: 31/03/2024

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32nd European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 32nd)




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