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2088 (F5) Launching new M.A. courses New Institutional Trends I. and II.

Principal investigator: † prof. Ing. Karel Kouba DrSc.
Description: The aim of the project is to enable the M.A. students to get recent knowledge from the field of new institutional studies in economics, namely new political economy (course E2090 New Institutional Trends I concentrating on public choice and constitutional political economy) and new institutional economy (course E2109 New Institutional Trends II on transaction costs economics, contract theory and economics of property rights). Regarding the content of the courses, emphasis is put on the analysis and discussion of microeconomic, contractarian and institutional foundations of economic and political markets. Formally, both courses are taught by the so-called "teach-in" method, based on reading of original papers, students' presentations, writing analytical essays and having an equal academic discussion between lecturers and participants.

Within this project, an informal Centre for New Institutional Studies was founded, supporting courses on new political and new institutional economy. At the WebSite of the Centre those interested can find some literature for the courses, papers, hand-outs, other sources and links to relevant sites in Internet. In the near future, a new lecture book on new political and new institutional economy will be provided on-line here.
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End date: 12/2003




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