prof. Ing. Evžen Kočenda Ph.D., DSc. - Grants



Dynamic correlations and financial market risk. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 14-24129S (2014-2016), principal investigator

Dynamic Models in Economics – DYME, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. P402/12/G097, member of the team

Firm production, efficiency, and corporate finance: An international perspective. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 15-15927S (2015-2017), partner

No active

Convergence During Transition. Soros Foundation Individual Projects, grant no. 319/97 (1997-1998), principal investigator

Corporate performance, behaviour and ownership structures in the Czech firms: Theoretical modelling and empirical assessment. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 402/09/1595 (2009-2011), principal investigator

Credit Scoring Methodologies. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 402/05/0931 (2005-2006), partner

Czech Republic Entering the EU: Achievements and Remaining Challenges for the Economy. Country Study. Global Development Network (2003-2004), partner

Dynamics of information flows and volatility transmission in financial markets. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 403/11/0020 (2011-2013), partner

Financial impacts of the East-West trade and FDI: A gravity based approach. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 403/12/0080 (2012-2014), principal investigator

Information, Spillovers, and Impact on Capital Markets: Theory and Empirics of the Intra-Day Data Approach. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 402/08/1376 (2008-2010), partner

Modeling Stock Market Returns and Volatility: The Case of Selected Industrialized and New EU Member States. GDN Grant no. RRC V-8 (2005), principal investigator

Owner vs. seller effects on performance after mass privatization: Comparative empirical study of Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. GDN Grant No. GRCII+15 (2002-2003), partner

Privatization and Management of Residual State Property: The Implementation for Corporate Governance of Enterprises, Study of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. Phare ACE Grant no. P96-6040-R (1997-1999), partner

Secondary privatization: The Evolution of Ownership Structures of Privatized Companies. Phare ACE Grant no. P97-8201-R (1999-2001), partner

The Determinants of Growth in Central and East Europe. Phare ACE Grant no. P96-6095-R (1997-1999), partner

Theoretical foundations and empirical evaluation of the Performance and Efficiency of the Czech corporations: From transition to the EU integration. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant no. 402/06/1293 (2006-2009), principal investigator

Understanding Privatisation Policy: Political Economy and Welfare Effects. Specific Targeted Research Project, EC 6th Framework Grant (2006-2008), partner



Exchange rates co-movements and volatility spillovers in new EU foreign exchange markets

GAUK no. 1250218: Fines in the US banks and systemic risk: an asymmetric volatility spillover approach

No active

Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policies on Real Economy (1311420-GAUK)

Examining the Impact of the Government Spending on the Term Structure of Interest Rates: A Macro-Finance Approach

Real economy effects of monetary policy - GAUK - 424121

Real Economy Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policies (1376319-GAUK)

Taxation of Multinational Corporations



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