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Blaha, Z. S.: Where Are the Customers´ Yachts? Ekonom 8, 1992; ISSN 1210-0714

Author(s): † Dr. Zdenek Sid Blaha M.A., D.B.A.,
Type: Others
Year: 1992
ISSN / ISBN: ISSN 1210-0714
Published in: Ekonom no. 8, 1992
Publishing place: Praha
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Abstract: The paper focuses on the myopic idea of Czech coupon privatization, calling it - with a characteristic understatement - "inefficient" for the want of a better word. The author recommends to the Czech powers-that-be to simply import and adopt all existing U.S. legislation in the business and financial spheres without attempting to change or second-guess it and hence avoid "re-discovering the wheel". In concluding, the paper asks the rhetorical question "where are the customers' yachts?" and immediately answers it by innocuously observing that - fortunately - there is no sea in Czechoslovakia.
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