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Managing student success in business and economics degrees: Do student characteristics and choices affect their academic performance?

Author(s): Yermone Sargsyan MSc., Alexandr Akimov, Mirela Malin, Gayrat Suyunov
Salim Turdaliev BSc M.A., Alexandr Akimov, Mirela Malin, Gayrat Suyunov
Type: Submissions
Year: 2022
Number: 0
ISSN / ISBN: 10691898
Published in: Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education, Taylor and Francis Group, LLC. Revise and Resubmit
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Keywords: economics education, student success, statistics, academic performance, higher education, gender, education policy
JEL codes: A22, I21, I25, J10
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Abstract: In this paper, we explore the determinants of students’ success in a first-year university
statistics course. Using a unique sample from Westminster International University in
Tashkent, we discover that student engagement with their studies is reflected in their class
attendance and in the use of online resources, which continue to play an important role in
their academic performance. Moreover, we discovered that socio-demographic factors such
as age, gender, marital status, employment, and language of instruction of prior schooling are
significant in explaining student academic outcomes. These factors have important policy
implications for both the university and the broader national level.




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