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Blaha, Z. S. Jindřichovská, I.: Corporate Finance, Management Press, Praha, 2001, ISBN 80-7261-025-2 (316 pages)

Author(s): † Dr. Zdenek Sid Blaha M.A., D.B.A.,
Type: Monograph
Year: 2001
ISSN / ISBN: ISBN 80-7261-025-2
Published in: Management Press
Publishing place: Praha
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Abstract: In response to both the continued development of financial thought, reviews and comments to the authors' previous work and research, many concepts usually found in finance textbooks have been overhauled and/or streamlined. The book deals with financial management, discusses financial markets and interest rates, explains and helps understand financial statements and cash flow accounts, shows how to evaluate a firm's financial performance on various case studies, thoroughly elucidates the concept of time value of money and related notions, and reviews the meaning and measurement of risk and return.
Various solved case studies and problems, dictionary and other paraphernalia usually found in corporate finance textbooks, are also part of the publication.
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