Mgr. Kristýna Ivanková - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2011 Lstibůrek, M., Ivanková, K., Kadlec, J., Kobliha, J., Klápště, J., El-Kassaby, Y.A.: Breeding without breeding: minimum fingerprinting effort with respect to the effective population size., Tree Genetics and Genomes 7, pp. 1069-1078

IES Working Papers

2012 A Relative Efficiency Measure Based on Stock Market Index Data, IES Working Papers 13/2012

2010 Isobars and the Efficient Market Hypothesis, IES Working Papers 21/2010

Article in collection

2012 Financial stability indicator predictability by support vector machines, Mathematical Methods in Economics Proceedings (1), pp. 361-366

2011 Ivanková, K. & Krištoufek, L. & Vošvrda, M.: Evaluating the Efficient Market Hypothesis by means of isoquantile surfaces and the Hurst exponent, Mathematical Methods in Economics Proceedings (1), pp. 300-305

2010 Application of isobars to stock market indices, Mathematical Methods in Economics Proceedings




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