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The Distribution and Utilization of Health Services in Ghana . Before and After the Introduction of National Health Insurance Scheme

Author: Mgr. Kwando Ankomah
Year: 2011 - summer
Leaders: Mgr. Milan Ščasný PhD.
Work type: Masters
Language: English
Pages: 96
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The introduction of Hospital Fees Regulations (LI 1313) in popularly called “cash and carry” in 1985 made it mandatory for fees to be charged at the point of service delivery. This almost made health care in Ghana beyond the reach of the poor. Realizing the effect of the “cash and carry” on the poor, the then government in 2003 came out with the National Health Insurance Policy to make health care services accessible and equitable to all Ghanaians especially the poor and the vulnerable in the society. The government has invested a lot of money in the NHIS in an effect to make more accessible to the poor.
The general perception of the Ghanaian populist is that NHIS is more accessible to those are well to do because they live in cities and towns closer to the NHIS offices and health facilities to the detriment of the poor who are mostly found in the rural areas. This study is focused on the level of involvement of the poor in the National Health Insurance scheme to ascertain if the desired aim of making health care equitable and accessible to the poor is being achieved.




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