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How Tax, Labor Market and Product Markets Reforms Influence Foreign Direct Investment

Author: Mgr. Stanislava Tydlačková
Year: 2012 - summer
Leaders: PhDr. Pavel Vacek Ph.D.
Work type: Economic Theory
Language: English
Pages: 59
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This work analyses industry level Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in
ows in order
to find out if their determinants are the same for all industries or if they dffer
and how. The second important question is if various qualitative variables as labour
market or product market liberalization or taxation determines
ows to individual
industries. I analyse seven industries by System GMM model for period from 1994
till 2009. The results suggests that in
ows to each industry are driven by distinct set
of determinants. While there are nearly non-significant determinants for agriculture
among explanatory variables I used, there is many of them significant for services.
Concerning qualitative variables, labour market liberalization in
uence FDI in
to manufacturing and mining, product market liberalization in
uence in
ows to
transportation and electricity, gas and water industry. The level of taxation seem to
be significant determinant of FDI in
ows to manufacturing.




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