Work detail

Inflation targeting in dollarized economies

Author: Mgr. Eda Dokle
Year: 2013 - summer
Leaders: doc. Ing. Zdeněk Tůma CSc.
Work type: Masters
Language: English
Pages: 92
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: Inflation targeting has become an increasingly popular regime among emerging markets. Focusing on the experience of inflation targeting adoption in the countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States, this thesis highlights the main features of the inflation targeting framework. A clear economic condition bringing these countries together is considered the dollarization issue which gains importance when designing the inflation targeting framework. The empirical study on the impact of inflation targeting in inflation, inflation volatility, output, output volatility and deposit dollarization shows clear benefits of inflation targeting in terms of inflation and inflation volatility, which are not achieved at the expense of output growth. Also, dollarization does not harm the positive impact of inflation targeting on inflation.




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