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Analyzing the integration of migrants in the Eurozone: lessons for the EU integration

Author: Mgr. Gustavo De Luna Gallardo
Year: 2014 - summer
Work type: Masters
Language: English
Pages: 119
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: Since European Union enables free mobility between its Members
States, certain EU countries have become attractive destinations
because of the working conditions and/or employment
opportunities. As a result, some EU nations have experienced the
inflow of large amount of immigrants and disturbances on their
labor markets.
With regard to this, the concept of Immigration Surplus that
proposes that phenomenon of immigration can trigger a process of
redistribution of wealth that could enhance the level of production
and increase the national income can be applied for analyzing
these processes. In addition, research literature suggests that
deeper integration of immigrants into host countries can lead to
higher levels of economic success. Thus, high levels of integration
may lead to an increase in the Immigration Surplus of the host
countries. This Master thesis deals with the specific aspects of
immigration and the effects that the integration of immigrant
groups may have in the national income during the years of 2007
to 2012. Through an appropriate analysis, this research attempts to
provide a description of the immigration phenomenon in the EU,
the consequences of it in the labor markets and the relation with
the distinct integration policies implemented by the EU countries




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