Work detail

Willingness to pay for mobile internet in the Czech Republic

Author: Bc. Kateřina Doskočilová
Year: 2016 - summer
Leaders: Mgr. Petr Polák MSc. Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 61
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The main focus of this thesis is to examine consumers' willingness to pay for mobile internet in the
Czech Republic. The data for the estimation were collected via a self-developed online questionnaire.
Using the logit model, the factors, which significantly influences the WTP, were identified. These
include: the ownership of a smartphone, perceived importance of availability of the internet
connection, having a monthly mobile tariff and the way of using mobile applications. Additionally,
the price, that the consumers' would be willing to pay for their ideal tariff, is examined and it is
shown, that the level of education has a significant negative effect on this price.




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