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Finacial Analysis of the Firm

Author: Mgr. Jaroslav Rozehnal
Year: 1996 - summer
Work type: Finance and Banking
Language: Czech
Pages: 0
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Abstract: The objective of masters diploma thesis FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF THE CORPORATION was the detail description of known instruments and techniques of the financial analysis of the corporation as well as the potential for its practical use in the conditions of developing Czech financial market. First chapters define this problem and deal with the data accessibility and completness. The third, descriptive chapter covers financial indicators within categories of indebtedness, liquidity, asset structure and profitability and also discusses their practical limits. The fourth chapter uses these instruments and techniques to analyze financial statements of Ferrum, a.s. The results are then compared to output of alternative pricing methods. Next chapters again describes and applies other attitudes to the evaluation of the corporation (rating, Altman and Beaver default probability indexes, net present value, net assets method...). The chapter nine summarizes the received results and interpretes them in a comparation to real share price, in orded to let the 10th chapter formulate several conclusions about the assumed motivation of current equity holders and opportunities for potential buyers of the Ferrum shares.




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