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Impact of Potential EU Membership on Economy of Ukraine

Author: Mgr. Milana Jascuk
Year: 2019 - winter
Leaders: doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík CSc.
Work type: Finance, Financial Markets and Banking
Language: English
Pages: 63
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: Recently the topic of the future of Ukrainian economy has been attracting great attention among
economists and politicians. The way how it should develop is widely discussed on the international
arena. Economists and politicians cannot reach an agreement to which direction it is better to move
for Ukraine. Nowadays a lot of special institutions has been created on both sides: in Ukraine and in
Europe. The main goal of those is to control all the processes of transformation to be transparent on
all levels; as well as prevent unlikely events. Of course, there are proponents and opponents of the
moving to the free trade with the EU as for every global process.
Among the young generation it is very clear, that possibilities, which gives us European Union
are much more valuable and gainful. Even now, majority of students, researchers seek to apply their
knowledge or gain some knowledge in European countries. I try to determine potential impact on
Economy of Ukraine assuming integration to European Union. It is very important to consider both
threats and benefits of such processes as they are taking place on very high level. Therefor in this
work I will consider both contours of development for Economy of Ukraine. To explore it I have
applied the synthetic control method, which gives us opportunity to project past events and apply them
on economy of Ukraine. I took main macroeconomic indexes as indicators for making a decision.




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