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Does Language Drive the Crowd? Case of Czech Reward-Based Crowdfunding

Author: Bc. Tereza Hudcová
Year: 2020 - summer
Leaders: Mgr. Petr Polák MSc. Ph.D.
Work type: Finance, Financial Markets and Banking
Language: English
Pages: 75
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Abstract: This thesis analyses the biggest reward-based crowdfunding platform in the Czech Republic using textual tools on uniquely collected microdata. The research question investigates
which of the attributes of project campaigns (including the language style of project descriptions) have a significant impact on successful funding. Empirical analysis combines
results of Bayesian Model Averaging and logistic regression. Results reveal that firstly,
language style of project descriptions does not possess any significant predictive power.
Secondly, that utilization of a video, size of pledging goal, or the number of contributors
have a significant effect on the campaign’s success, which is in line with current literature.
Thirdly, it has proven to be true that project categorization plays an important role as
well. On the contrary, the findings do not imply any causal claims, such as whether those
factors persuade contributors to donate money.




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