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Industrial and Structural Policy of Japan

Author: Bc. Tereza Klouzalová
Year: 2002 - winter
Leaders: † RNDr. Miron Tegze CSc.
Work type: Economic Policy
Language: Czech
Pages: 79
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The thesis "industrial and structural policy of Japan" describes the development of Japanese industrial policy. It attempts to answer the questions how it influenced the development of Japanese economy, what was its history, and how the Japanese approach differs from other well-developed economies. In the beginning, the work generally formulates specific features of Japanese approach to this problematics, and then deals in details with the development of the industrial and structural policy after the 2nd World War. The development of Japanese economy in the 90ties, when Japan went through crisis, and contemporary situation are particularly stressed in the work. A special attention is paid to the financial crisis of the countries of South-East Asia as well.
The work is chronologically arranged. Its find chapter contains the summary in wich the author, among others, points of the Japanese experience that could become an advise even for the Czech republic.




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