Work detail

Male Attitude and Family Planning Practices in Angola

Author: Bc. Natálie Toulová
Year: 2020 - summer
Leaders: doc. PhDr. Julie Chytilová Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 67
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: Men’s involvement in their partners’ lives can be an essential driver in terms of the utilization
of family planning programs. Using cross-sectional data from the Angola Demographic and
Health Survey from 2015-2016, this thesis investigates the factors influencing family planning
use from the men’s point of view. Apart from the expected positive correlation of education, age,
place of residence, and economic status with contraceptive use, it is hypothesized that men’s
attitude, knowledge, and fertility preferences affect contraceptive use and unmet need of their
spouses. Using logistic and probit regressions, the results of this thesis point out a significant
positive relationship between men’s knowledge of contraception, their fertile preferences, and
their partners’ use of contraception. Lastly, the thesis lays down a few suggestions for future




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