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Practical and Theoretical Analysis of Endogenous Money Supply: an example from Czech Republic

Author: Mgr. Michal Vytiska
Year: 2004 - summer
Leaders: † prof. Ing. Milan Sojka CSc.
Work type: Finance and Banking
Language: Czech
Pages: 93
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Abstract: This master's thesis examines the status of Czech money supply. First of all theoretical basis are laid down. As a theoretical foundation for empirical examination I tried to define as wide approach as possible not to miss any relative theoretical aspect that may play role in reality. To be concrete I come out from mainstream economics which according to my opinion has absorb the theory of endogenous money supply quite well although the theory was intended to destroy mainstream economics. Second fountain of theoretical basic is postkeynesian economics which originally took the theory in question back on the stage of world recognized economics. At the end of theoretical part I define the key aspects that are the most significant for the status of money supply. The next empirical part investigates each of seven key aspects step by step. Of course our reality is not separated in such a way to let me finish with seven single investigation. So one chapter sums up the results and identifies potential relations, feedbacks etc. At the conclusion of thesis I have brought the final verdict on status on Czech money supply and included several notes to consider Czech monetary policy from concluded point of view.
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