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Financing Building of Flats in Germany

Author: Mgr. Jana Buchtová
Year: 2004 - summer
Leaders: doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík CSc.
Work type: Finance and Banking
Language: English
Pages: 121
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Abstract: Topics concerning financing building of flats in Germany are cleared up in the master thesis. Banking services and finance are taken into account, concentrating on housing area. At first there is a theoretical introduction to the matter to let a microeconomic model demonstrate that user, financial, development and land markets are connected with each other. Also institutional approaches are mentioned. Second chapter is devoted to a role of property banking business. Mortgages, German mortgage environment and German Insolvency law are focused there. Following two chapters discuss mortgage refinancing possibilities -- Mortgage Bonds and mortgage-backed securities. Mainly mortgage banks make use of Mortgage Bonds but mortgage-backed securities are issued also from other financial institutions. A model is presented trying to find out when it is of advantage for a mortgage bank to issue mortgage-backed securities. The last, fifth, chapter about privatization of German public housing enterprises shows another housing financing area in which banks offer their services
Downloadable: Diploma Thesis - Buchtová




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