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Monetary Development in our Territory from the 30s of the 20th century to the year 1953

Author: Mgr. Jana Kulihová
Year: 2003 - summer
Leaders: doc. Ing. Karel Půlpán CSc.
Work type: Finance and Banking
Language: Czech
Pages: 76
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Abstract: This work is concerned on description of three different periods that our economy went through from the thirties of the 20th century to the year 1953. The first part about the Depression is focused on the realization of two devaluations that according to the Depression had to be performed and this first part is ended by the description of the preparation to the World War II. Description of the war development is concentrated on implementation of war central administration mainly in relation to Czechoslovakian banks. Final part describes the after-war development with implementation of "peaceful" central administration and the orientation of our economy on the Soviet Union. The main objective of this work is to show the causes that led Czechoslovakia forwards to the acceptance of the Soviet system of central administration of national economy straight afterwards the end of World War II. This war created for Czechoslovakia fatal break of the prewar development, with the beginning at the Conference in Munich our state had to prove its claims to independent existence not only in the front of the Western world powers but also in the front of the opposite side -- Soviet Union as well. Soviet Union found out that there is a possibility to spread its influence and a small, newly established state represented ideal and straight object. If the agreement of cooperation between both states was closed during the World War II, the emphasis on the connection of our currency with the Soviet rouble and on general integration of Czechoslovakia into the Soviet block of states during the World War II was just a natural action of Soviet Union that cannot be considered as an adequate one in the given situation of our economy. Our nation was after the World War II confused, influenced by the "betrayal" of the Western world at the Conference in Munich and hence the Communist party with clearly defined tasks was considered as an assurance of positive development of our economy. Introduction of the "peaceful" central administration, destruction of our private property relationships, successive progress to the general nationalization, suppression of the money function and principally absolute cancellation of the prewar Czechoslovakian connections led our state to the complete isolation from the Western world.




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