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Contemporary issues of the Czech financial market supervision and regulation

Author: Mgr. Jan Zadražil
Year: 2005 - summer
Leaders: † doc. Ing. Jiří Havel CSc.
Work type: Finance, Financial Markets and Banking
Language: Czech
Pages: 80
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This master thesis deals with the Czech financial market supervision. The main issue here is whether there are sufficient arguments supporting the creation of a unified institution of supervision. If so, the second issue is whether the single agency should be a part of the Czech national bank.
This work, however, tackles the problems in a broader context. It focuses on the general issue of regulation and supervision, in particular what the arguments for the rise of the financial markets´ regulation are. In addition it tries to capture the impact of the financial integration on the financial markets´ supervision at the European union level, on the contemporary structure and future of the crisis management in the EU and in connection with this on the future arrangements of the supervision in the Czech republic.
A significant part of this paper is also devoted to an analysis of the contemporary structure of the Czech supervision




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