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Valuation of standing timber for the national accounts

Author: Mgr. Luboš Lauer
Year: 2006 - summer
Leaders: Ing. Ivo Koubek
Work type: EEI & EP
Language: Czech
Pages: 66
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: Valuing of forestry assets can be divided into three areas. Valuing of land, valuing of standing timber and valuing of other assets. This diploma thesis deals only with valuing of standing timber. In the view of the development in European Union, it is very likely that member states will have to value forestry assets soon, that means also valuation of standing timber. In the Czech Republic, a method already exists which is based on the the net present value. This method, however, shows some weaknesses.

This diploma thesis compares more methods of valuation, presents its outcomes and tries to find the best suitable method in the conditions present in the Czech Republic. The following criteria were taken into consideration: the availability of the data, the infuence of the price of the wood on the valuation, complexity of the method and realistic value of the method. The following methods were found to have the best results: the consumption value method dividing the standing timber into four species and the simplified net present value method.
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