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Pre - accession aid for Czech Republic - The Phare Programme

Author: Mgr. Klára Rozhoňová
Year: 2003 - summer
Leaders: † prof. Ing. Luděk Urban CSc., Jean Monnet Professor
Work type: European Integration
Language: Czech
Pages: 108
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The Phare programme is one of the three pre-accession instruments financed by the European Union to assist the applicant countries of Central and Eastern Europe in their preparations for joining the European Union. The first goal of the Phare programme was to help them through a period of economic restructuring and political change, but following the 1993 Copenhagen Council's invitation to Central and Eastern European countries to apply for membership, the support was reoriented and focused on pre-accession assistance. The first part of my thesis describes mechanism of the programme, Phare programmes types, allocated means and payments and also sectors, covered by the aid. The second part focuses on twinning, a new method of supporting candidate countries in adopting and implementing the acquis communautaire by sending the long-term pre-accession advisors to the candidate countries. In this part I also analyse one of the twinning projects realized in the Czech Republic. The final part consists of an analysis of the current situation and principal problems and assesses the Phare programme in general.




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