Databases and software

The link to all databases that are accessible to students of Faculty of Social Sciences is here.


A comprehensive database of economic data Bluenomics is freely available since March 2014. At one point, you will find data from various official sources, such as Eurostat, OECD and World Bank. BLUENOMICS draws from 150 million time series and provides a global view on macroeconomic data, foreign trade, environment, financial markets, demographics, education, energy, business or labor market .
For students and academic staff, Academic Account is available. For registration, you will use the university e-mail address according to agreement with your thesis advisor.

ISI Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) delivers deep, rich company and industry information, alongside the relevant proprietary and multi-source news, research and analytics that allow professionals to make profitable decisions faster. At the present, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) area is available to the students at the Faculty of Social Sciences.
This single resource of hard-to-get information covers more than 100 emerging markets, includes company profiles and financials from more than 1.6 million listed and private companies, offers single company and industry analysis, and delivers proprietary and multi-source news and research from over 20,000 publications, all delivered via an easy-to-use interface. ISI Emerging Markets is a database providing media monitoring, full text newspaper articles, information, particularly from business, economic and financial resources specifically focused on the financial markets. The database is searched intuitively, provides user interface in English and in a few other languages.
This database can be at present accessed by 5 simultaneously logged users. For more information, visit this page. For direct (remote) access, click here.


Magnus is a key product of the ČEKIA agency featuring an extensive database of business information, including facts and figures on Czech enterprises, capital markets, industries and other economic categories. It covers all economic entities - legal entities - registered in the country. It offers an extensive database of financial statements, information on the ownership structures and staffing firms. It monitors major business events such as the General Assembly, major contracts and investments, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, defaults, and others. Precision processes data on securities and can show the exchange rates. It includes an archive of electronic business documents.

It contains a functional tool for searching links (and covert) between the entities, modules to work with the accounts (time series data export), and tools for mass data output according to user-specified criteria (NACE, number of employees, amount of sales, etc.)
From 2011, we have 3 logins to MagnusWeb. The students, who are interested in access, sign the contract and accept the terms of use in the user account. The 10-day access rights are allocated by Dagmar Schnellerova.

Orbis Bank Focus (Bankscope)

A new database of banks worldwide. The information is sourced by Bureau van Dijk from a combination of annual reports, information providers and regulatory sources.
Orbis Bank Focus currently contains detailed information on 42,000 institutions with financials (30,000 US [Banks & Credit Unions] and 12,000 Non-US), including 5 years’ history for listed banks and 3 years’ for unlisted.

Direct access at the IES is available in Room 016 on a computer No. LAB0160031 (rear corner of the room). Just click on this computer on a desktop icon "Orbis Bank database" and the database will start. Contact: .

This database replaced an older databaze Bankscope that had been available at the IES until 31 December 2016. The Bankscope on CDs until August 2016 are available at the IES Secretariat.

SAS Home Licence

SAS is an advanced software for business intelligence and specifically for data analytics. The students may install a home academic licence of SAS. For that purpose, visit the IT department at Opletalova and borrow a depot (20 GB) and pick up a sample agreement about non-commercial use of SAS. To install SAS, sign the agreement and leave it at the box of Dr. Barunik. You will receive valid keys which are updated annually

Thomson Reuters Eikon for Wealth Management

Students interested in the financial markets data may download a range of financial data for research purposes. Access to the Reuters Wealth Manager is available through
To obtain a username and password, visit Dagmar Schnellerova.


McKinsey & Company
Moneta Money Bank