Updated internship offers

The list of internship possibilities for our students was updated. Please see the details  here.

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Open Day at CERGE-EI

Are you interested in Visiting Master's Scheme program? Are you studying economics at CERGE-EI? Visit the Open Day at CERGE-EI on Friday March 3rd and learn about their programs offer. Download leaflet . For more information visit CERGE-EI website...

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Defense of Jiří Skuhrovec

 The defense of Jiří Skuhrovec's dissertation thesis "Three Essays on Public Procurement" will be held on Wednesday  March 1, 2017 from 5:30 pm  in the room 109. Everyone is welcomed.

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AB InBev - Hackathon

Would you like to learn about FMCG? Are you interested in working in finance in brewery? And there are opportunities for students IES? Come to the panel discussion with representatives of AB InBev. At the same time you will be able to compete in a prepared...

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Study abroad at the best Russian school of economics

The International office annouces a study abroad opportunity at the New Economic School in Moscow (NES), Russia in Winter semester 2017/2018. Faculty members of NES are Ph.D. graduates from the world's leading universities such as MIT, Harvard, etc. Only...

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Study abroad opportunity - Peking University

The International office annouces a study abroad opportunity at the Peking University HSBC Business School for Winter semester 2017/2018. Only IES students can apply. Applications must be delivered on March 6, 2017  the latest. Click here for more...

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Study abroad opportunities - Hong Kong, Japan, Korea

The International office annouces study abroad opportunities in Hong Kong, Japan (International University of Japan) and Korea (Sogang University). The complete overview of opportunities can be found here .  Applications must be delivered on  March 6,...

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Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017

McKinsey & Company invites female students and experienced professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to apply for the Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017! Application deadline is March 6, 2017. Please see the details here.

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New courses at IES

There are new (revised) two courses at IEPS programme that might be of IES students’ interests. The course JEM180 (Philosophy, Economics and Politics: Current Debates) offers students a simulation game of negotiations during the banking crisis in Italy....

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Get financing from the Rector's Mobility Fund

International office announces the opportunity to finance study and research abroad from the Rector's Mobility Fund for bachelor, master and also PhD students. Only future travel plans are funded (from April and in next academic year 2017/2018). The Fund...

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