A Year After

What happens to our students after graduation? Amálka Počarovská currently works as an Advisor to the Deputy Minister for Finance and Audit at the Ministry of Finance. Lenka Röhryová is co-founder of a digital health startup Vitadio, Jan Šíla works...

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Eikon data in Python on-line training

Free online (webex) training "Eikon Data API - how to access Eikon data in Python" available to IES students: Connecting your Python to Eikon is easy Real-time, Fundamental and Timeseries retrieval data Working with the News Possible...

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The Alumna of the Month in May is Petra Vokatá

Petra Vokatá is the Alumna of the Month in May. Petra recently accepted an appointment as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Finance at the Ohio State University. Petra's profile and an...

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Download IES Open Day Presentation

On Friday, June 7th, IES FSV UK organized an Open Day for prospective students of our Bachelor's program.   You can download the presentation abou Bachelor's programme in Czech from here . Or download English presentation from February 2019  from...

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Updated internship offers

The list of internship possibilities for our students was updated. Newly to the ECB. Please see the details  here.

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Course evaluation Summer Semester 2018/19

The courses evaluation will be possible between June 3rd, 2019 from 10 h till June 23rd, 2019. Access will be possible with CAS login on web site here .The courses evaluation is an important and unique opportunity to express your opinion, may it be...

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Interview with Visiting Professor Numan M. Ülkü

This academic year, we have hosted  Numan M. Ülkü as a Visiting Professor in the field of finance. He focused mainly on research and PhD students supervision and significantly helped to improve projects of our faculty members and doctoral students....

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Call for application: a position in the Centre for Doctoral Studies

 We are looking for an administrative officer to the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS) at the Institute of Economic Studies (IES, ). Working on this position, you will participate in the organization of doctoral studies at the IES through...

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