Study abroad with CEEPUS in Austria

The IES can nominate one student for studies at the University of Applied Sciences Burgeland in Fall 2017/2018. The current scholarship level for Austria is 940 euro per month. Students interested in this study abroad opportunity should send their CV,...

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Are you wondering what matters beyond maths? (McKinsey event)

Everyone knows it is important to have great analytical skills for a successful career in consulting. However, soft skills are just as important for our consultants. Your time as an IES student will undoubtedly provide plenty of opportunities to master...

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Updated internship offers

The list of internship possibilities for our students was updated. Please see the details  here.

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Call for application: six paid positions in the Centre for Doctoral Studies

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University offers six paid positions in the Centre for Doctoral Studies at IES FSV UK. Prospective as well as current Ph.D. students are welcome to apply for the position at the CDS. It is an...

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Our research cited in top-tier journals

During the last 5 years, research of our colleagues has been cited in top-tier journals (top5 in Economics and top3 in Finance out of 904 journals indexed in Scopus), including The American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal...

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Call for a junior researcher position at CERGE-EI

CERGE-EI is seeking to appoint a junior researcher in economics of science, technology change and innovation. The job is particularly suitable for PhD students at the IES. Please see the details  here.

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Searching for study trip photos

Do you want to immortalize yourself otherwise than by registration in the SIS? You have a unique opportunity to show off your photographic talent and help us decorate the classroom O105. Specifically, we are looking for photos from student travels....

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Our research published in the European Economic Review

New research by our faculty member  Tomáš Havránek  and our doctoral student  Marek Rusnák  has been published in the European Economic Review. Together with their co-author from University of Nevada, Anna Sokolova, the authors show that studies...

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Share your innovation idea at the Falling Walls Lab international competition

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague with Goethe-Institut Prag hosts the third annual competition Falling Walls Lab. This competition is open to students, young researchers, employees or entrepreneurs who present their research project,...

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Being a student at the Rotterdam School of Management

A new post at our web section “ Degrees Abroad ” from studies of the master program at RSM. Our graduate Lenka Röhryová shared her impressions from studying at a foreign school, the motivation to study abroad, as well as tips for life in Rotterdam....

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