Alumnus of the Month in July was Vladimír Nahodil

Vladimír Nahodil was an Alumnus of the Month in July. In the interview with Vladimír, you can read about his experience of living in Switzerland, studying at Cambridge, but also about why it is...

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PRIMUS: “Energy Economics and Environmental Policy” is among the four successfully prolonged projects

Congratulations to our colleagues from IES on extending the funding of their  "Energy Economics and Environmental Policy" project within the  PRIMUS  competition for another 2 years. Of the 28 projects originally supported, only 4 were successful in...

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IES students’ project won third place and support in the innovation hackaton #NakopniPrahu

Within the Prague innovation marathon #NakopniPrahu (StartUpPrague) , organized by the Municipality of the capital city Prague, 44 registered teams had six months to develop and prepare a pitch of a project, focused on improving the lives of the...

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Tomáš Havránek: Economic policy during and after corona crisis

Our colleague, associate professor Tomáš Havránek , is among the signatories of the text " Economic policy under the pandemic: A European perspective ", published by  VoxEU , a portal which brings out analyses of leading European economists. The main...

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Electronic evaluation of summer semester courses

Till July 31, 2020, it is possible to provide an electronic evaluation of the summer semester courses.  Were there some seminars you particularly looked forward to attending? Is there something that could have been done better? Let your lecturers...

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Alumnus of the Month was in June Jan Stříbný

In June, we chose Jan Stříbný as the Alumnus of the Month. Jan studied and currently lives in Amsterdam. In an interview with him, you will read about his work, automatic trading and life in...

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Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award nominations

The Institute of Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University (IES) and Deloitte grant the Deloitte Outstanding Thesis Award (DOT Award) for exceptional Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses  defended at IES.  In June 2020,...

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Ladislav Krištoufek promoted to Professor

We are happy to announce that our colleague Ladislav Krištoufek has been promoted by Charles University to the rank of Professor. The promotion is effective since June 17, 2020. Congratulations!

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"Special" Round of Mobility Funding

The International Office announces a release of the "Special" round of Mobility Funding that finances mobilities beginning in July, August, September or October 2020. Information for non-Czech speakers is available upon request, see the information here .

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Alumna of the Month in May was Katarína Spyra

In May, we choose Katarína Spyra as the Alumna of the Month. Katrína lives with her family in Switzerland, where she also works. In an interview with her, you will read about how she manages to...

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