Updated internship offers

The list of internship possibilities for our students was updated. Please see the details  here.

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Research seminar with Dr. Miriam Frey (IOS Regensburg)

We invite all students and faculty members to Miriam Frey's (IOS Regensburg) presentation on "Residential Energy Consumption and the Persistence of History: Evidence from Ukraine". The research seminar will take place during the next seminar of JED414...

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Solve It at McKinsey

If you like solving problems, here's your chance to learn about solving problems in business. Two cases, two rounds – but only one winning team. REGISTER BY: October 30 at Please see the details here.  

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LSE Summer School

The London School of Economics and Political Science organizes the LSE Summer School that offers over 80 three-week courses taught by LSE’s world-renowned faculty. Students may apply for financial support from the Rector's Mobility Fund (deadline in...

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Call for application: one paid position in the Center for Doctoral Studies

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University offers one paid position in the Center for Doctoral Studies at IES FSV UK. All Ph.D. students are welcome to apply for the position at the CDS. It is an opportunity for Ph.D. students to help...

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McKinsey dinner

Dinner organized exclusively for students from Charles University’s Faculty of Social Sciences who are considering a career in management consulting. The purpose of the event is to present what McKinsey & Company does, explain why becoming a...

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A Year After a cohort of September 2015

What our students are doing a year after their Master’s graduation? We bring you a few profiles of graduates from September 2015. Anton Astakhov has recently joined Deloitte Central Europe and continued his studies at IES as a doctoral student. Ales...

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An interview with a winning IES team about RETC in Rome

At the end of August, a team of our students (Lucie Kraicová, Katarína Líšková, Marek Hauzr and Martin Hronec with Luboš Hanus as an advisor) left to Rome to represent the IES in the Rotman European Trading Competition. The IES team has brought a...

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New round of GAUK competition

The Grant Agency of Charles University (GAUK) has opened a new round of the project competition. The on-line application system will be opened on October 6th. Application deadline: November 6th 2016.  For detailed information for applicants,...

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