Why study Economics and Finance at Charles University in Prague?

  • To study at the best school in Economics in the Czech Republic. (We have ranked 1st for four consecutive years since 2012.)
  • To enjoy a genuinely international atmosphere. (The average classes have about 50% of international students.)
  • To study in a program with CFA Institute University Affilitation Program, which applies to both Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF) and Master in Economics and Finance (MEF).
  • To win a competitive local or international job.
  • To receive an automatic work permit. (Our graduates are automatically eligible to seek job in any of the EU countries.)
  • To have access to career advisors, internships and mentoring.
  • Upon excellent study results, to receive a scholarship (up to a full tuition waiver).
  • To easily proceed with an even more advanced degree at a recognized university abroad.