A summary of our main research activities conducted in the period 2015-2021 is available in the following report. In the menu on the left you can find a more detailed list of journal articles published by our colleagues and additional relevant information.



Top journals (5 in Economics, 3 in Finance, A++)  

  • Bartoš V, Bauer M, Chytilová J, Matějka F (2016) Attention Discrimination: Theory and Field Experiments with Monitoring Information Acquisition, American Economic Review, 106(6), 1437-1475 
  • Bauer M, Chytilová J, Morduch J (2012) Behavioral Foundations of Microcredit: Experimental and Survey Evidence from Rural India, American Economic Review, 102(2), 1118-1139

Leading journals (A+)  

  • Bajzík J, Havránek T, Havránková Z, Schwarz J (2020) Estimating the Armington Elasticity: The Importance of Study Design and Publication Bias. Journal of International Economics, 127:103383
  • Barili E, Bertoli P, Grembi V (2021) Neighborhoods, networks, and delivery methods. Journal of Health Economics, 80:102513
  • Bartoš V, Bauer M, Chytilová J, Levely I (2021) Psychological Effects of Poverty on Time Preferences. Economic Journal:ueab007, forthcoming
  • Baruník J, Bevilacqua M, Tunaru R (2021) Asymmetric Network Connectedness of Fears. The Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming
  • Bauer M, Blattman C, Chytilová J, Henrich J, Miguel E, Mitts T (2016) Can War Foster Cooperation? Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30(3):249-274
  • Bauer M, Chytilová J, Pertold-Gebická B (2014) Parental Background and Other-Regarding Preferences in Children. Experimental Economics, 17(1):24-46
  • Bauer M, Fiala N, Levely I (2017) Trusting former rebels: An experimental approach to understanding reintegration after civil war. The Economic Journal128(613):1786-1819
  • Bertoli P, Grembi V (2021) The political cycle of road traffic accidents. Journal of Health Economics, 76:102435
  • Burda M, Harding M, Hausman J (2012) A Poisson Mixture Model of Discrete Choice. Journal of Econometrics, 166(2):184-203
  • Ehrenbergerová D, Gechert S, Havránek T, Havránková Z (2021) Measuring Capital-Labor Substitution: The Importance of Method Choices and Publication Bias. Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming    
  • Havránek T (2015) Measuring Intertemporal Substitution: The Importance of Method Choices and Selective Reporting. Journal of the European Economic Association, 13(6):1180-1204 
  • Havránek T, Havránková Z (2011) Estimating Vertical Spillovers from FDI: Why Results Vary and What the True Effect Is. Journal of International Economics, 85(2):234-244 
  • Havránek T, Havránková Z (2017) Do Borders Really Slash Trade? A Meta-Analysis. IMF Economic Review, 65(2):365-396 
  • Havránek T, Havránková Z, Horváth R, Rusnák M (2015) Cross-Country Heterogeneity in Intertemporal Substitution. Journal of International Economics, 96(1):100-118 
  • Havránek T, Sokolova A (2020) Do Consumers Really Follow a Rule of Thumb? Three Thousand Estimates from 144 Studies Say "Probably Not". Review of Economic Dynamics, 35(1):97-122
  • Horváth R (2020) Peer Effects in Central Banking. IMF Economic Review, 68:764–814
  • Jašová M, Mendicino C, Supera D (2021) Policy Uncertainty, Lender of last resort and The Real Economy. Journal of Monetary Economics, 118:381-398

Highly regarded journals (A) 

  • Astakhov A, Havránek T, Novák J (2019) Firm Size and Stock Returns: A Quantitative Survey. Journal of Economic Surveys, 33(5):1463-1492     
  • Bartoš V, Bauer M, Cahlíková J, Chytilová J (2021) Covid-19 and Hostility against Foreigners. European Economic Review, forthcoming
  • Baruník J, Kley T (2019) Quantile Coherency: A General Measure for Dependence between Cyclical Economic Variables. The Econometrics Journal, 22(2):131-152
  • Baruník J, Křehlík T (2018) Measuring the frequency dynamics of financial connectedness and systemic risk. Journal of Financial Econometrics16(2):271-296
  • Bauer M, Chytilová J, Miguel E (2020) Using Survey Questions to Measure Preferences: Lessons from an Experimental Validation in Kenya. European Economic Review, 127:103493
  • Burda M, Harding M (2013) Panel Probit with Flexible Correlated Effects: Quantifying Technology Spillovers in the Presence of Latent Heterogeneity. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 28(6):956-981 
  • Burda M, Harding M, Hausman J (2015) A Bayesian Semi-Parametric Competing Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 30(3):353-376 
  • Cobham A, Janský P, Mainzer M (2015) The Financial Secrecy Index: Sheding New Light on The Geography of Secrecy. Economic Geography, 91(3):281-303 
  • Dominguez K, Fatum R, Vacek P (2013) Do Sales of Foreign Exchange Reserves Lead to Currency Appreciation? Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 45(5):867-890 
  • Havránek T, Havránková Z, Matoušek J (2021) Individual Discount Rates: A Meta-Analysis of Experimental Evidence. Experimental Economics, forthcoming 
  • Havránek T, Rusnák M, Sokolova A (2017) Habit Formation in Consumption: A Meta-Analysis, European Economic Review, 95:142-167 
  • Havránek T, Stanley T, Doucouliagos C et al. (2020) Reporting Guidelines for Meta-Analysis in Economics. Journal of Economic Surveys, 34(3):469-475        
  • Hasan I, Horváth R,  Mareš J (2018) What type of finance matters for growth? Bayesian model averaging evidence. The World Bank Economic Review, 32(2):383-409
  • Horváth R, Kaszab L, Marsal A (2021) Fiscal Policy and Nominal Term Premium Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming
  • Janda K, Krištoufek L (2019) The Relationship Between Fuel and Food Prices: Methods and Outcomes. Annual Review of Resource Economics, 11:195-216
  • Kočenda E, Iwasaki I (2021) Bank Survival around the World: A Meta-Analytic Review. Journal of Economic Surveys, forthcoming
  • Polák P (2019) The Euro’s Trade Effect: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Economic Surveys, 33    
  • Rusnák M, Havránek T, Horváth R (2013) How to Solve the Price Puzzle? A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 45(1):37-70 
  • Zigraiova D, Havránek T, Iršová Z, Novák J (2021) How Puzzling Is the Forward Premium Puzzle? A Meta-Analysis. European Economic Review, 134:103714     
  • Žikes F, Baruník J (2016) Semiparametric Conditional Quantile Models for Financial Returns and Realized Volatility, Journal of Financial Econometrics, 14(1):185-226  
  • Žikes F, Baruník J, Shenai N (2017) Modeling and Forecasting Persistent Financial Durations, Econometric Reviews, 36(10):1081-1110

Recognized journals (B)  

  • Alberini A, Khymych O, Ščasný M (2020) Responsiveness to Energy Price Changes when Salience is High: Residential Natural Gas Demand in Ukraine. Energy Policy 144
  • Alberini A, Khymych O, Ščasný M (2019) Response to Extreme Energy Price Changes: Evidence from Ukraine. The Energy Journal, 40(1)
  • Anatolyev S, Baruník J (2019) Forecasting dynamic return distributions based on ordered binary choice. International Journal of Forecasting, 35(3):823-835
  • Apergis N, Baruník J,  Lau MCK (2017) Good volatility, bad volatility: What drives the asymmetric connectedness of Australian electricity markets? Energy Economics, 66:108-115 
  • Avdulaj K,  Barunik J (2015). Are benefits from oil–stocks diversification gone? New evidence from a dynamic copula and high frequency data. Energy Economics, 51:31-44 
  • Babecký J, Havránek T, Matějů J, Šmídková K, Vašíček B (2014) Banking, Debt and Currency Crises: Early Warning Indicators for Developed Countries. Journal of Financial Stability, 15:1-17 
  • Babecký J, Havránek T, Matějů J, Šmídková K, Vašíček B (2013) Leading Indicators of Crisis Incidence. Journal of International Money and Finance, 35(1):1-19 
  • Baruník J, Čech F (2021) Measurement of Common Risk Factors: A Panel Quantile Regression Model for Returns. Journal of Financial Markets, forthcoming
  • Baruník J, Kočenda E (2019) Total, Asymmetric and Frequency Connectedness Between Oil and Forex Markets. The Energy Journal, 40:157-174
  • Baruník J, Kočenda E, Vácha L (2017) Asymmetric volatility connectedness on the forex market. Journal of International Money and Finance77:39-56
  • Baruník J, Kočenda E, Vácha L (2016) Asymmetric Connectedness of Stock Markets: How Does Bad and Good Volatility Spillovers? Journal of Financial Markets, 27:55-78
  • Baruník J, Kočenda E, Vácha L (2015) How Does Good and Bad Volatility Spill over across Petroleum Markets? Energy Journal, 36(3):309-329 
  • Baruník J, Vácha L (2017) Do Co-Jumps Impact Correlations in Currency Markets? Journal of Financial Markets, 37:97-119 
  • Baruník J, Vácha L (2012) Co-movement of energy commodities revisited: Evidence from wavelet coherence analysis. Energy Economics, 34(1):241-247 
  • Baxa J, Horváth R, Vašíček B (2013) Time-Varying Monetary Policy Rules and Financial Stress: Does Financial Instability Matter for Monetary Policy? Journal of Financial Stability, 9(1):117-138
  • Bennani H, Fanta N, Gertler P, Horvath R (2020) Does Central Bank Communication Signal Future Monetary Policy? The Case of the ECB. Journal of International Money and Finance, 104:102167
  • Bertoli P, Grembi V, Nguyen TLB (2021) Birth outcomes in hard times among minority ethnic groups. Journal of Population Economics, 1-32
  • Blasco S, Pertold-Gebická B (2013) Employment Policies, Hiring Practices and Firm Performance. Labour Economics, 25:12-24 
  • Brož V, Kočenda E (2018) Dynamics and factors of inflation convergence in the European union. Journal of International Money and Finance86:93-111
  • Brueckner JK, Šťastná L (2020) Commuting and Migration. Journal of Regional Science, 60(5):853-877
  • Brůha J, Kočenda E (2018) Financial stability in Europe: Banking and sovereign risk. Journal of Financial Stability36:305-321
  • Bubák V, Kočenda E, Žikeš F (2011) Volatility transmission in emerging European foreign exchange markets. Journal of Banking & Finance, 35(11):2829-2841
  • Burda M, Harding M (2014) Environmental Justice: Evidence from Superfund Cleanup Durations. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 107:380-401 
  • Cazachevici A, Havránek T, Horváth R (2020) Remittances and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis. World Development, 134:105021
  • de Batz L (2020) Financial Crime Spillovers. Does One Gain to Be Avenged? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 173
  • Feldkircher M, Horváth R, Rusnák M (2014) Exchange Market Pressures during the Financial Crisis: A Bayesian Model Averaging Evidence. Journal of International Money and Finance, 36(1):21-41 
  • Filip O, Janda K, Krištoufek L, Zilberman D (2019) Food Versus Fuel: An Updated and Expanded Evidence. Energy Economics 82:152-166
  • Filip O, Janda K, Krištoufek L, Zilberman D (2017) Food versus fuel: An updated and expanded evidence. Energy Economics
  • Franta M, Baruník J, Horváth R, Šmídková K (2014) Are Bayesian Fan Charts Useful? An Evaluation of Macroeconomic Forecasts and Financial Stability Stress Tests. International Journal of Central Banking, 10(1):159-187 
  • Franta M, Holub T, Saxa B (2021) Exiting from an exchange rate floor in a small open economy: Balance sheet implications of the Czech National Bank’s exchange rate commitment. International Journal of Central Banking, forthcoming
  • Fungáčová Z, Weill L (2014) Does Competition Influence The Bank Lending Channel in the Euro Area? Journal of Banking and Finance, 49:356-366 
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  • Gregor M (2015) Task Divisions in Teams with Complementary Tasks. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 117:102-120
  • Gregor M (2011) Tradeoffs of foreign assistance for the weakest-link global public goods. International Tax and Public Finance, 18(2):233-251 
  • Hanousek J, Kočenda E, Shamsur A (2015) Corporate Efficiency in Europe. Journal of Corporate Finance, 32:24-40 
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  • Havranek T, Irsova Z, Zeynalova O (2018) Tuition fees and university enrolment: A meta‐regression analysis. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics80(6):1145-1184.
  • Hasan I, Horvath R, Mares J (2020) Finance and Wealth Inequality. Journal of International Money and Finance, 102161
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  • Žigraiová D, Havránek T (2016) Bank Competition and Financial Stability: Much Ado about Nothing? Journal of Economic Surveys, 30(5):944-981 

Citations in top-tier journals 

During the last 5 years, research of our colleagues has been cited in the following top journals in Economics and Finance:

  • The American Economic Review
  • Journal of Financial Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • Review of Economic Studies
  • Review of Financial Studies

Self-citations are excluded from this list.



Leading journals (A+)  

  • Bauer M, Cahlíková J, Chytilová J, Želinský T (2018) Social Contagion of Ethnic Hostility, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(19):4881-4886
  • Bauer M, Chytilová J, Cassar A, Henrich J (2013) War's Enduring Effects on Egalitarian Motivations and In-Group Biases. Psychological Science, 25(1):47-57 
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  • Henrich J, Bauer M, Cassar A, Chytilová J, Purzycki BG (2019) War Increases Religiosity. Nature Human Behavior, 3(2):129-135

Highly regarded journals (A)  

  • Červinka M, Kanzow C,  Schwartz A (2016) Constraint qualifications and optimality conditions for optimization problems with cardinality constraints. Mathematical Programming, 160(1-2):353-377
  • Krištoufek L (2013) Fractal markets hypothesis and the global financial crisis: wavelet power evidence. Scientific Reports, 3:2857 
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Internationally recognized journals (B)  

  • Baruník J, Křehlík T, Vácha L (2016) Modeling and forecasting exchange rate volatility in time-frequency domain. European Journal of Operational Research, 251(1):329-340 
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