About us

About us

Why take a degree at Charles University?

Our school teaches Economics and Finance both at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels with the aim of providing internationally highly competitive education in the beautiful city of Prague. The key features of our school are:

  • Quantitative skills. We build upon 7 core Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics courses on the undergraduate level.
  • International environment. 88% of all Master's and 70% of all Bachelor's courses are in English. More than 1,500 international students from 83 countries have studied with us over the last 10 years.
  • Stay abroad. We offer 50 Erasmus+ exchange agreements, plus study-abroad opportunities out of Europe, including Australia, China, and South Korea.
  • Family size. 90 Bachelors, 80 Masters, and 5 PhDs graduate annually from our programs. Teaching as well as thesis writing is intensive and personal.
  • Top lecturers. We combine strong academics with practitioners, especially in the finance courses.
  • Hub of talent. We strive to develop the potential of the most ambitious students. Our alumni are highly successful on the job market and also receive numerous academic prizes and other accolades. The average wage premium of our graduates substantially exceeds the average wage premia of other schools in the country.

For international students

The following programs are currently offered to international students:

  • Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF) is a tuition-based program that offers intensive traininig in Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics in three years. It covers the key fields of Economics and Finance, mostly through courses surveying recent theory and quantitative approaches. The degree is a sufficient preparation for high-quality Master's programs in Economics or Finance across the world, including top-notch programs in the UK and the US.
  • Master in Economics and Finance (MEF) is a tuition-based program that gives the student a strong grounding in both theoretical and applied economics and finance. The applicants must have a solid background in Mathematics and an intermediate level of Economics. Courses are taught both by our faculty and professionals from the central bank and various companies. Our graduates typically assume challenging analytical positions in banking, consulting, financial companies and large industries across the region.
  • Master in Finance and Data Analytics (MFDA) is a two-year English-language Master's degree programme designed to pair the key areas of finance and data analytics. The programme takes a data driven approach to analysis of financial markets and organisational information covering key theoretical principles of finance, financial modeling and financial markets to prepare students for a dynamic career in finance, banking and a range of other sectors. Focusing on modern statistical analysis, data modeling, programming, big data and machine learning techniques, program equips the student with a thorough understanding and advanced skills in theoretical and applied finance with emphasis on computational aspects of the problems. 
  • Corporate Strategy and Finance (CSF) is a tuition-based double-degree Master’s degree program with the University of Strasbourg. The program covers two academic years, where each student is requested to spend one academic year at each of the partner universities. Upon the completion of the studies, each student will receive the Diploma Master in “Corporate Strategy and Finance in Europe” from the University of Strasbourg and the Master’s degree Diploma with the academic title “Magistr” from Charles University in Prague.
  • PhD in Economics is also available to international students. In this program, we seek students deeply interested in theoretical and applied research in Economics and Finance. Our scholarships policy makes this degree attractive to talented students.