Working papers

Working papers

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23 - Money Talks, Green Walks: Does Financial Inclusion Promote Green Sustainability in Africa?

22 - Wealth, Cost, and Misperception: Empirical Estimation of Three Interaction Channels in a Financial-Macroeconomic Agent-Based Model

21 - Quantile Preferences in Portfolio Choice: A Q-DRL Approach to Dynamic Diversification

20 - Monetary Policy, Macro-Financial Vulnerabilities, and Macroeconomic Outcomes

19 - Distribution Strategy Planning: A Comprehensive Probabilistic Approach for Unpredictable Environment

18 - Input-Output Modeling Amidst Crisis: Tracing Natural Gas Pathways in the Czech Republic During the War-Induced Energy Turmoil

17 - Interest Rate Pass-Through Asymmetry: A Meta-Analytical Approach

16 - Cost-Effectiveness of Women’s Vaccination Against HPV: Results for the Czech Republic

15 - Where Have All the Alphas Gone? A Meta-Analysis of Hedge Fund Performance

14 - Beauty and Professional Success: A Meta-Analysis

13 - The Accessibility of Primary Care and Paediatric Hospitalisations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions in Czechia

12 - Board Compensation and Investment Efficiency

11 - Board Bias, Information, and Investment Efficiency

10 - Does Shareholder Activism Have a Long-Lasting Impact on Company Value? A Meta-Analysis

9 - Climate Change, Large Risks, Small Risks, and the Value per Statistical Life

8 - Military Expenditure and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis

7 - Macroprudential Policies and Dollarisation: Implications for the Financial System and a Cross-Exchange Rate Regime Analysis

6 - Female Leadership and Financial Performance: A Meta-Analysis

5 - Migration, Remittances, and Wage-Inflation Spillovers: The Case of Albania

4 - Profiling Cannabis Consumption Motivation and Situations as Casual Leisure

3 - How Different are the Alternative Economic Policy Uncertainty Indices? The Case of European Countries.

2 - The Effect of Face Masks on Covid Transmission: A Meta-Analysis

1 - Uncertain Trends in Economic Policy Uncertainty


37 - Heterogeneous Effects of Government Energy Assistance Programs: Covid-19 Lockdowns in the Republic of Georgia

36 - Historical Calibration of SVJD Models with Deep Learning

35 - Unraveling Timing Uncertainty of Event-driven Connectedness among Oil-Based Energy Commodities

34 - Reducing the Biases of the Conventional Meta-Analysis of Correlations

33 - Profit Shifting of Multinational Corporations Worldwide

32 - Less-Cash or More-Cash? Determinants and Trends of Currency in Circulation in a Panel of 17 Economies

31 - High-Frequency Groceries Prices: Evidence from Czechia

30 - Fueling Financial Stability: The Financial Impact of U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard

29 - Artificial Intelligence and Central Bank Communication: The Case of the ECB

28 - Effectiveness of Car Scrappage Schemes: Comparative Analysis of European Countries

27 - The Impact of Dollarisation on Economic Growth, Investment, and Trade

26 - Exploring the Link Between Diet and Sustainability in Europe: A Focus on Meat and Fish Consumption

25 - Meta-Analysis of Social Science Research: A Practitioner’s Guide

24 - Good vs. Bad Volatility in Major Cryptocurrencies: The Dichotomy and Drivers of Connectedness

23 - The Heterogeneous Effects of Social Cues on Day Time and Night Time Electricity Usage, and Appliance Purchase: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Armenia

22 - Graph Theory Approach to Prices Transmission in the Network of Commonly Used Liquid Fuels

21 - Impact of Raw Material Price Volatility on Returns in Electric Vehicles Supply Chain

20 - Effects of Government Interventions on Bank Performance

19 - Publication Bias and Model Uncertainty in Measuring the Effect of Class Size on Achievement

18 - Determinants of Financial Inclusion in Africa and OECD Countries

17 - Meta-Analyses of Partial Correlations Are Biased: Detection and Solutions

16 - Method Versus Cross-Country Heterogeneity in the Exchange Rate Pass-Through

15 - Does Monetary Policy Reinforce the Effects of Macroprudential Policy

14 - Drivers of Private Equity Activity across Europe: An East-West Comparison

13 - Fiscal Consequences of Corporate Tax Avoidance

12 - Public Procurement and Tax Havens

11 - Ossified Democracy as an Economic Problem and Policies for Reclaiming its Performance

10 - Beauty and Productivity in Academic Publishing

9 - Powering Up Cleaner Choices: A Study on the Heterogenous Effects of Social Norm-Based Electricity Pricing on Dirty Fuel Purchases

8 - Distributional Effects of Exchange Rate Depreciations: Beggar-Thy-Neighbour or Beggar-Thyself?

7 - The Impact of Regulatory Change on Hedge Fund Performance

6 - Does Heat Cause Homicides? A Meta-Analysis

5 - Spurious Precision in Meta-Analysis

4 - Effects of Corporate Transparency on Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Country-by-Country Reporting

3 - Concurrent Business and Distribution Strategy Planning Using Bayesian Networks

2 - Ex-Prisoners and the Labour Market in the Czech Republic

1 - Are Estimates of the Impact of Shareholder Activism Published Selectively?


33 - Determinants of the Duration of Economic Recoveries: The Role of ’Too Much Finance’

32 - Assessment of the Impact of Agricultural Support on Crop Diversity

31 - Impact of Biofuels on U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices: A Systematic Literature Review

30 - Revenue losses from corporate tax avoidance: estimations from the UNU-WIDER Government Revenue Dataset

29 - New Estimate of the Elasticity of Marginal Utility of Consumption for Europe: Implications for the Social Discount Rate

28 - Financial Impact of Trust and Institutional Quality around the World

27 - Financial Incentives and Performance: A Meta-Analysis of Economics Evidence

26 - Skill-bias and Wage Inequality in the EU New Member States: Empirical Investigation

25 - Non-Linearity between Price Inflation and Labor Costs: The Case of Central European Countries

24 - Using Macro-Financial Models to Simulate Macroeconomic Developments During the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Case of Albania

23 - Income Elasticity for Animal-Based Protein and Food Supply

22 - Trade Networks in Main Czech Export Categories

21 - Macroeconomic Implications of Oil-Price Shocks to Emerging Economies: A Markov Regime-Switching Approach

20 - Green Bond Premiums in the Chinese Secondary Market

19 - On Empirical Challenges in Forecasting Market Betas in Crypto Markets

18 - Exchange Rates and the Speed of Economic Recovery: The Role of Financial Development

17 - Do EU-Wide Stress Tests Affect Insurers’ Dividend Policies?

16 - How Firms Survive in European Emerging Markets: A Survey

15 - Hedge Fund Performance: A Quantitative Survey

14 - People Are Less Risk-Averse than Economists Think

13 - The Excess Profits during COVID-19 and Their Tax Revenue Potential

12 - How Is the Career Choice of a Medical Speciality Dependent on Gender Inequality in the Region

11 - Fiscal Consolidation under Market’s Scrutiny: How Do Fiscal Announcements Affect Bond Yields

10 - Acquisition of Costly Information in Data-Driven Decision Making

9 - Crime and weather. Evidence from the Czech Republic.

8 - Increasing Block Tariff Electricity Pricing and the Propensity to Purchase Dirty Fuels: Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment

7 - Meta-analysis: Fiscal Multiplier

6 - Wealth Survey Calibration: Imposing Consistency with Income Tax Data

5 - Price Transmission and Policies in Biofuels-Related Global Networks

4 - Yield Curve Dynamics and Fiscal Policy Shocks

3 - Robust Portfolio Optimization: A Stochastic Evaluation of Worst-Case Scenarios

2 - Impact of Regulatory Changes on Economic Feasibility of Distributed Generation Solar Units

1 - Parental Involvement and Education Outcomes of Their Children



37 - The Elasticity of Electricity Demand and Carbon Emissions Reductions in the Residential Sector: Evidence from a Tariff Shift in Russia

36 - Income tax noncompliance in Germany, 2001-2014

35 - Estimating Tax Progressivity in Developing Countries: The Plato Index

34 - "Wild" Tariff Schemes: Evidence from the Republic of Georgia

33 - Social Costs of Obesity in the Czech Republic

32 - Electricity Outages and Health Outcomes of Children: Empirical Evidence from Transition Economy

31 - Diversification Among Cryptoassets: Bitcoin Maximalism, Active Portfolio Management, and Survival Bias

30 - Media Treatment of Monetary Policy Surprises and Their Impact on Firms’ and Consumers’ Expectations

29 - Does the Spillover Index Respond Significantly to Systemic Shocks? A Bootstrap-Based Probabilistic Analysis

28 - Student Employment and Education: A Meta-Analysis

27 - Increasing Block Rate Electricity Pricing and Propensity to Purchase Electric Appliances: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

26 - Illicit Financial Flows and Trade Mispricing: Decomposing the Trade Reporting Gap

25 - Impact of EU-wide Insurance Stress Tests on Equity Prices and Systemic Risk

24 - Statistical Measurement of Illicit Financial Flows in Sustainable Development Goals: Tax Avoidance by Multinational Corporations

23 - Labor Migration in the European Union: The case of Central and Eastern Europe

21 - Interest Rate Risk of Savings Accounts

20 - Regional Convergence in the European Union: What are the Factors of Growth?

19 - Forecasting Sovereign Bond Realized Volatility Using Time-Varying Coefficients Model

18 - Inequality in Pre-Industrial Urban Bohemia: The City of Budweis

17 - When Does Monetary Policy Sway House Prices? A Meta-Analysis

16 - Improving the Corruption Perceptions Index: Additional Data Sources and Their Effects

15 - Income Inequality as Long-term Conditioning Factor of Monetary Transmission to Bank Interest Rates in EA Countries

14 - Profit Shifting of Multinational Corporations Worldwide

13 - An Evaluation of the Effects of the European Commission’s Proposals for the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base

12 - Who Benefits from Global Value Chain Participation? Does Functional Specialization Matter?

11 - Frequency-Dependent Higher Moment Risks

10 - Scenario Generation for IFRS9 Purposes using a Bayesian MS-VAR Model

9 - Bank Survival Around the World: A Meta-Analytic Review

8 - A Practical Proposal to End Corporate Tax Abuse: METR, a Minimum Effective Tax Rate for Multinationals

7 - Price Level Targeting with Imperfect Rationality: A Heuristic Approach

6 - Currency Depreciations in Emerging Economies: A Blessing or a Curse for External Debt Management?

5 - Suspension of Insurers’ Dividends as a Response to the Covid-19 Crisis: Evidence from Equity Market

4 - Common Agricultural Policy Beneficiaries: Evidence of Inequality from a New Data Set

3 - Elasticity of Marginal Utility of Consumption: The Equal-Sacrifice Approach Applied for the Czech Republic

2 - Multi-Horizon Equity Returns Predictability via Machine Learning

1 - Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Russia since the 2000s



45 - Trading Volume and Stock Returns: A Meta-Analysis

44 - Consistency of Banks' Internal Probability of Default Estimates

43 - Estimating Elasticity of Substitution in CES Production Function: Examining Different Nesting Structures and EU Regions

42 - Selective Attention in Exchange Rate Forecasting

41 - Corporate Effective Tax Rates for Research and Policy

40 - Financial Crime and Punishment: A Meta-Analysis

39 - Institutions, Financial Development, and Small Business Survival: Evidence from European Emerging Markets

38 - The Corporate Tax Haven Index: A New Geography of Profit Shifting

36 - Do Women Benefit from Minimum Wages?

35 - Macroeconomic Responses of Emerging Market Economies to Oil Price Shocks: Analysis by Region and Resource Profile

34 - Estimating the Relationship Between Resource Intensity and Occupational Health and Safety in Kazakhstan

33 - Business Cycle Sensitivity of Statutory Health Insurance: Evidence from the Czech Republic

32 - Publication and Identification Biases in Measuring the Intertemporal Substitution of Labor Supply

31 - A Survey of Empirical Literature on Hedge Fund Performance

30 - Was the Georgian Policy Shifting Public Sector Working Hours by One Hour “Family Friendly” and Did It Increase Female Labor Participation?

29 - Skilled and Unskilled Labor Are Less Substitutable than Commonly Thought

28 - Does Enforcement Of the Rules Against Foreign Bribery Discourage Exports? A Case of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention

27 - Exchange rate misalignments, growth, and institutions

26 - Labour Force Participation of Married Woman in Russia

25 - Estimating the Social Value of Specific Crop Diversity Conservation Plans: Do Czechs Care More About Conserving Hop, Wine or Fruit Tree Varieties?

24 - Peer Effects in Central Banking

23 - Premium Price For Natural Preservatives In Wine: A Discrete Choice Experiment

22 - Mortality shocks and household consumption: The case of Mexico

21 - Country-by-Country Reporting and Other Financial Transparency Measures Affecting the European Union

20 - Multinational Corporations’ Effective Tax Rates: Evidence from Orbis

19 - The Importance of Retail Trade Margins for Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Consumer Expenditures: A Sensitivity Analysis

18 - Beauty and Productivity: A Meta-Analysis

16 - Do Rural Banks Matter That Much? Burgess and Pande (AER, 2005) Reconsidered

15 - Globalization of Science: Evidence from Authors in Academic Journals by Country of Origin

14 - Natural Catastrophes and Financial Development: An Empirical Analysis

13 - Credit Rating Downgrade Risk on Equity Returns

12 - Using ‘Costs States’ in a Semi-Markov Model to Estimate Cost-Effectiveness with an Illustration for Metastatic HER2+ Breast Cancer in the Czech Republic

11 - The Effect of Inpatient User Charges on Inpatient Care

10 - Are Exchange Rates Less Important for Trade in a More Globalized World? Evidence for the New EU Members

9 - Regional Determinants of Housing Prices in the Czech Republic

8 - ECB Monetary Policy and Commodity Prices

7 - Time-Varying Pricing of Risk in Sovereign Bond Futures Returns

6 - How Puzzling Is the Forward Premium Puzzle? A Meta-Analysis

5 - Nowcasting Real GDP Growth: Comparison between Old and New EU Countries

3 - Institutional and Other Determinants of the Net Interest Margin of US and European Banks in a Low Interest Rate Environment

2 - Are Employment Effects of Minimum Wage the Same Across the EU? A Meta-Regression Analysis

1 - Cognitive Bias Mitigation: How to Make Decision-Making Rational?



41 - The Progress of Global Financial Transparency: Evidence from The Financial Secrecy Index 2009–2018

40 - The Costs of Tax Havens: Evidence from Industry-Level Data

39 - Decomposing Multinational Corporations’ Declining Effective Tax Rates

38 - Impact of Terrorist Incidents on Tourism in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia: A Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Approach

37 - Partisan Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe

36 - Performance Comparison of European Cooperative and Commercial Banks in a Low Interest Rate Environment

35 - Remittances and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis

34 - Decomposition Analysis of Air Pollutants During the Transition and Post-Transition Periods in the Czech Republic

33 - Tax Treaties Worldwide: Estimating Elasticities and Revenue Foregone

32 - Heterogeneity of Returns to Business R&D: What Does Make a Difference?

31 - Multinational Corporations and Tax Havens: Evidence from Country-by-Country Reporting

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