prof. PhDr. Tomáš Havránek, Ph.D.

prof. PhDr. Tomáš Havránek, Ph.D.


  • Department of Macroeconomics and Econometrics

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I am an economist specializing in macroeconomics, international economics, and meta-research. More information about me is available at

Job history

2021+ Professor, Charles University, Prague
2016-2021 Associate Professor, Charles University, Prague
2016-2019 Advisor to the Vice-Governor, Czech National Bank
2014 Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley
2009-2015 Economist, Research Department, Czech National Bank

Rok vydání


Chapters in monographs


Contributions in the conference proceedings

2014 Best PhD Thesis Award (UniCredit & Universities Foundation)
2012 - 2016 Economic Research Award (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, Czech National Bank)
2012 Young Economist (Czech Economic Society)
2010 Medal on Research and Development Global Development Network, World Bank, 1st prize
2009 Olga Radzyner Award (Austrian National Bank)

JEB004 - Ekonomie II
JEM222 - Master's Thesis Seminar for CSF I
JEM223 - Master's Thesis Seminar for CSF II
JEM213 (JEM001) - Master's Thesis Seminar I
JEM214 (JEM002) - Master's Thesis Seminar II
JED414 - Quantitative Methods in Macroeconomics and Finance I
JED415 - Quantitative Methods in Macroeconomics and Finance II
JEM225 - Seminář k diplomovým pracím I
JEM226 - Seminář k diplomovým pracím II

Bachelor theses

Please write your thesis in English and use LaTeX. For current topics see the SIS. Still, I welcome your own topics in meta-analysis (especially publication bias), international economics (trade and FDI), monetary economics (optimal inflation), and energy economics (demand for energy and issues related to the social cost of carbon). Send me your GPA from bachelor studies.

Master theses

If you are interested in meta-analysis, please first look at my recent papers on the topic:

Czech Science Foundation 21-09231S Meta-Analyses of Returns on Financial Investment Management Strate-gies (2021–2023), principal investigator

18-02513S Meta-Analyses of Stock Return Determinants (2018–2020), principal Investigator

Macroeconomics, International Trade, Monetary Policy, Meta-Analysis