Master Final Exam

The application procedure for the Master Final Exam is same for all students.

Application deadlines AY 2020/21:
from Dec 1st, 2020 till Jan 5, 2021 at the latest for Master Final Exam in February 2021
from April 19, 2021 till May 4, 2021 at the latest for Master Final Exam in June 2021
from July 1st, 2021 till July 27, 2021 at the latest for Master Final Exam in September 2021

Regular dates of Master Final Exam in AY 2020/21:
February 3rd, 2021
In this term Master State Exams took place online, link of the meetings in MS Teams for the public was here.
June 16, 2021
In this term Master State Exams will take place online, link of the meetings in MS Teams for the public is here.
September 15, 2021
We will specify the method of holding the master's state examination in advance according to the current situation.

You have to submit all documents to SIS (see 1 and 4) in application deadline:

1. PDF/A version of your Master Thesis (MT), English abstracts must be uploaded to SIS on the day of your registration for the Master Exam at the latest. In the Student Information System (SIS) fill in all information carefully, paying  particular attention to: thesis title in English and Czech as well as other necessary data (till May 4, 2021), , it may not contain personal data (phone, e-mail) or signatures of the student or supervisor
2. we cancel submission of hardbound copy of your MT
3. we cancel submission of printed or electronic transcript of Records, Guarantor will check it in SIS in deadline specified in Academic Calendar 
4. electronic application for Master Final Exam (till May 4, 2021)
Detailed administrator instructions incl. print screens to be download here.
Check registration on the green line "Final Exam-Student"" Exams Detail.

During a week before Master Final Exam you will receive SIS invitation with date and time of Final Exam.

Printed application Form not to be submitted.

The name of the Master's thesis must be recorded in the SIS in English and also in Czech (supervisor). In the event of any discrepancies, the application may be subject to denial. Minor changes to the title of the thesis with the exception of changes to the project may be carried out at the secretariat of the IES or by the thesis advisor.
Dean’s Provision no. 16/2018 governing content-related, formal and technical essentials concerning elaboration and submission of final theses and acts of their filing and accessibility in electronic form here.

Deadlines for submission of theses are specified in the Seminar for master theses.

Master Final Exam Topics:
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