Support IES Alumni

Support IES Alumni

Ways to give:

Direct bank transfer

The easiest way to give is to send an optional sum of money to the IES Alumni account. If you are willing to prepare a donation agreement for tax deduction purposes, please write your email address into the message for the recipient. We will contact you and prepare it.

Account number: 171517629/0300

Non-financial help

If you are willing to be a volunteer and play an active role in the IES Alumni Association, please let us know how you can help. Send us an email on and we will contact you and discuss it with you. Currently we are searching for new mentors for the next round of Mentoring. If you would like to help the students with the choice of the right career path and helping it to take off, it will be beneficial for both us and them.

If you have any other idea how to support the IES Alumni Association, in both financial or non-financially ways, please do not hesitate to contact us. We greatly appreciate ideas on how to improve the donation collecting or other simple feedback. Thank you for being with us!