Compact Courses in Summer Semester 2024


Compact Courses in Summer Semester 2024

In addition to the standard courses that are run throughout the whole semester, we will be offering the following compact courses in the Summer Semester 2023/24 in a “block” format, i.e. delivered over 2-3 days. Use the unique opportunity to meet visiting professors from universities abroad and experts from private and international financial institutions to discuss attractive topics in detail! 


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Financial Crisis and Risk Management 

Dimitrios Tsomocos (University of Oxford)

March 22, 25 and 26, 2024

JEM334 *

Fiscal Policy, Public Debt and Sovereign Debt Ratings 

Ondřej Schneider (International Finance Corporation - The World Bank Group, IES)

April 3-5, 2024

JEM233 *

FinTech and Blockchain 

Gonul Colak (University of Sussex)

May 21-23, 2024

JEM236 *

Risk Management and Insurance 

Hwan-sik Choi (Binghamton University)

May 27-29, 2024


Energy Markets & Economics 

Nicholas Elms a Petra Valíčková (The World Bank)

June 5-7, 2024


Private Equity 

Tomáš Fencl (CHEQ Inc.)

June 13-14, 2024

All compact courses are intended primarily for Master's students. Courses marked with an asterisk may also be taken by undergraduate (Bachelor’s) students as electives. The remaining three courses are open to Bachelor’s students as optional courses and their credits may be later transferred as electives to the Master's level (if the student has accumulated more than 180 credits during the Bachelor’s studies). Enrolment in these compact courses is open until the start date of the course. More information can be found in the course syllabi of each course in SIS.