Zuzana Havránková has received the prestigious JUNIOR STAR grant

Zuzana Havránková has received the prestigious JUNIOR STAR grant

Congratulations to our colleague Zuzana Havránková on receiving the prestigious JUNIOR STAR grant!  

The Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) has decided to support her project "Spurious Precision in Meta-Analysis of Social Science Research (METASPUR)", which will focus on the development of new meta-analysis techniques that can be used in social sciences. In particular, it will concern cases when published measures of precision are not reliable.

The JUNIOR STAR grants aim to fund and support excellent early-career scientists who completed their Ph.D. no more than 8 years ago, have already published in prestigious international journals, and have had significant international experience. The grants should bring them the opportunity to carry out their own research and contribute to a significant development in their fields of science.
The evaluation process involves foreign scientists only. It takes place in two phases – each project that receives funding is first reviewed by six subject-matter experts, and it is then discussed in detail at a meeting of the Discipline Committee.

Starting next year, a total of 23 JUNIOR STAR projects will receive new funding, most of them at the Charles University (5 projects), the Czech Technical University in Prague (4 projects), the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (4 projects), and institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences (3 projects). More than half a billion Czech crowns is earmarked for these projects over the next five years.

More information is available here. 

We wish you a successful research!