Other study abroad options

Other study abroad options

Erasmus+ is not the only option how to study abroad.  Inter-university agreements and inter-faculty agreements provide many study-abroad opportunities; students may also study abroad with CEEPUS (eastern and central Europe). Alternatively, students may undertake an individual exchange as a freemover, if they organize the exchange by themselves (but the financial support of these exchanges is limited and the university abroad usually charges an additional fee.) More information about study abroad opportunities is available here. The scholarship section below provides more information about funding.


Inter-university agreements support the mobility of students, mobility of academic staff, or/and promote the cooperation of universities in scientific research. Inter-university agreements may involve only several particular faculties, so students should first check whether the agreement provides student mobility and whether their study field is included. The list of current inter-university agreements is available here. The International department of the Faculty of Social Sciences announces selection procedures for study abroad opportunities through inter-university agreements in autumn every year. (Note that the faculty only pre-selects and nominates candidates to the selection procedure conducted by the Rectorate.) Current offers are available here.


The Faculty of Social Sciences is involved in several bilateral agreements with faculties of other universities which support students' mobility (some agreements are exclusively for IES students). These study abroad opportunities may be financed partially through the Charles University Mobility Fund. However, exchanges through inter-university agreements take precedence over those through inter-faculty agreements. The list of agreements is available https://fsv.cuni.cz/en/exchange/other-programmes/outgoing-students. The International department announces selection procedures for study abroad opportunities through inter-faculty agreements in February or March every year. Current offers are available here.


The Charles University Mobility Fund

Charles University Mobility Fund provides financial support for study abroad. The Fund primarily finances inter-university exchanges, but also students traveling abroad through inter-faculty agreements, or as freemovers, may receive financial support from the Fund. There are usually two rounds for applications throughout the year; one in spring (February or March) and one in autumn (October). More information is available here.

The Special Scholarship awarded by the Charles University

The special scholarship may be granted to support study abroad or in cases requiring special consideration, such as participation in educational and research activities. Please find the Scholarship Regulations here.

The Bayhost Scholarship

For those who are interested in studying in Bavaria. Graduates from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine are eligible to apply. Please see the details here.

The DAAD German Academic Exchange Service

Are you willing to study in Germany? The DAAD's scholarship database for foreign students, graduates and academics provides a wide range of tips and information to help applicants successfully apply for funding for a course of study or a research assignment. For more details see here.

The Bakala Foundation

The Bakala Foundation’s SCHOLARSHIP program is about giving talented and driven students the support they need to make their dreams come true. They give scholarships to Czech residents living and studying in the Czech Republic. For more details see here.


CEFRES–the French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences–aimed at restarting the scientific exchanges between France and Central Europe. One of CEFRES’s tasks since then has been to build up a network of research teams between France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. You can find some offers here.

Scholarships to Japan

The Canon Foundation in Europe offers scholarships to European nationals. The European Fellowship holders pursue a period of research in Japan. For more details see here.

Scholarships to Greece – Onassis Foundation

The Programme of Scholarships for Foreigners offers scholarships to PhD candidates. For more details see here.