IES student ombudsman

IES student ombudsman

Student ombudsmen are protectors of the rights of students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University. Their goal is to ensure an effective and quick solution to broadly defined problems on the part of students, whether they are academic problems or more serious issues that students may face.

Overall, student ombudsmen try to create a collegial environment at the faculty and promote overall well-being. All students and faculty employees have the right to invoke their rights within the framework of their studies and activities within the academic community. Each institute has its own elected ombudsman.

IES student ombudsman for 2023 is Miriama Sokoláková, mail

Ombudsmen can also deal with cases of unethical or unprofessional behavior of FSV UK employees towards students of the faculty, discrimination, bullying or other forms of inappropriate behavior. Student ombudsmen are not experts in solving disputes and problems by the nature of their function. They are rather mediators, mediators, advisers. In cooperation with other bodies of the faculty, they strive to ensure that the problems of male and female students are really solved.

The Institute of Student Ombudsmen is another support body that complements the already existing structure at FSV UK. Student ombudsmen also find support within the Academic Senate of FSV UK and work closely with the Social Committee of AS FSV UK, which establishes their position. Therefore, students do not have to contact only the ombudsman from their institute with their suggestions.

The next election of student ombudsmen will take place at the beginning of the winter semester. Follow the website and social networks, where we will publish more detailed information in time.