Psychological help

Psychological help

here are several services you can use if you find yourself in a difficult situation:

In case of emergency, there are two walk-in medical help centers in Prague that are ready to help you in a mental crisis.
Both FSV UK and Charles University offer short- and long-term counseling and therapies to help you with problems concerning your mental health and study, family, personal, or other problems.


Asking for help is not a weakness but rather a strength.
We care, we connect, and we help solve problems.



Get help without making a reservation TODAY!

1. Crisis Intervention Centre of the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice
A medical facility providing services to patients with urgent psychiatric and psychological problems in a situation of mental crisis.
Address: Ústavní 91, Prague 8
Helpline: +420 284 016 666
General contact +420 284 016 110
Availability: 24/7 service. English-speaking doctor is always present, however English-speaking service over the phone is not guaranteed.

2. Diaconia SOS Centre
A Day-time crisis service for people in a difficult or crisis life situation as an urgent one time, or short-term psychological and social help.
Address: Varšavská 37, Prague 2
Helpline: +420 222 514 040 (ONLY IN CZECH)
Availability: Working days 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

3. Crisis Care Centre of the General University Hospital in Prague

A medical facility which provides psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic assistance in stabilizing the crisis in such life situations that can no longer be managed on your own.
Address: Ke Karlovu 11, 128 08 Praha 2 (building D1, ground floor)
Helpline (8-15): +420 605 851 658


Affordability and Payment Methods: The service is covered by Czech public health insurance. If you have private health insurance, it depends on the contract conditions. Usually, you will receive an invoice for the provided service and it will be up to your responsibility to deal the payment with the insurance company.

GOOD HINT: If you prefer the help over the phone call, you can try to contact your national helpline service. Many of them offer help over zoom call or chat.


You may find yourself in a problematic situation, but you do not have to deal with it alone. FSV UK offers students consultations in the form of therapies and psychological counseling.

If you are not sure that you want to turn to an expert with your problems, you can arrange a free consultation. This will help you decide whether therapy may be suitable for you, OR you can get recommendations for other forms of services that may prove to be beneficial.

What do we help with?
  • Family and relationship problems
  • Difficulties with your study load (lack of motivation, concerns about coping-up with study requirements, attention disorders)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress Management

Affordability and Payment Methods:

  • The first five sessions of Psychological counseling services are completely FREE of charge for FSV UK full-time students.
  • However, if need be, you can arrange long-term psychotherapy and continue to see your therapist even after the first five sessions.


Anna-Marie Pospíšilová gained her professional experience mainly during her three-year tenure at the Safety Line (hotline for children and students) and also as a lecturer on mental health programs at NGO Nevypusť duši that focuses on mental health awareness. She offers psychological counseling and relaxation techniques practice, including mindfulness. When working with clients, she focuses on finding their internal resources and understanding their own needs. The topics that are close to her include high sensitivity, study-life balance, and self-care. She provides counseling service within the Carolina Center of Charles University, but there are counseling sessions reserved directly for FSV UK students.

In-person sessions take place at Counselling center - Školská 13a, Prague 1


It is possible to arrange a personal or online consultation via sending email to one of our therapists. The length of one session is 50-60 minutes.

Consultations can be canceled 24 hours in advance by email. If a student does not attend the session without a timely cancellation, the session will be forfeited. If the student does not repeatedly come to the agreed session, he/she may not be offered another date.


Carolina Centre offers counseling in English, FREE of charge for all UK students and employees. Should you need help to deal with your study, family, personal or other problems, you are welcome to come to the Counselling Centre for International Students.

The consultations take place mainly at Školská 13a, Prague 1, sometimes at the offices of individual counselors. You can arrange an appointment via sending an email to a particular counselor or via registration in the login application (the interface is available only in Czech, the English version is under construction).

If you need any advice or help, you can also write to: