Rector's Sports Day on 14 May

An antic statue of a man throwing a disc

Rector's Sports Day on 14 May

Year 2024 is full of important sport events. If we look abroad this summer Paris will held Olympic games. If we stay in domestic land whole May will belong to the World Championship of Ice Hockey and particulary Tuesday 14th May 2024 is interesting for us because it's a traditional sport day for the whole Charles University known as a RECTOR'S SPORTS DAY.

Organisation of this sport event for this year is under wings of Department of Physical Education at Faculty of Arts CU. In cooperation with colleagues from other departments within Charles University they have prepared for you 28 sport activities in Prague and its surroundings, 20 in Hradec Králové and 10 in Pilsen. In Prague, you can try activities such as fencing, volleyball, table tennis, chess, or wall climbing. In Hradec Králové, the offer includes golf, pétanque, scooter riding, or volleyball. In Pilsen, yoga, basketball, swimming, or floorball are available. You can find the complete programme here.

Feel free to enjoy various offer of movement and sport activities to get to know or even discover new sport/environment, you can compare your skills and abilities and last but not least you can meet your classmates and colleagues in informal way. It doesn't matter if you enrol as yourself/individual or as a team, just come to enjoy active relax.

Also teams from Dean's office of each faculty will participate this year in morning hours at Sport Center in Hostivař known as SCUK. Come to cheer them! Special disciplines to compete at await them, such as orienteering, long jump, medicine ball throw and team move.