Registration of candidates for the position of student ombudspeople


Registration of candidates for the position of student ombudspeople

Who is a student ombudsperson?

A student ombudsperson facilitates more efficient and faster resolution of problems and conflicts. They act as an advisory, mediation, and intermediary medium between students, faculty, the leadership of individual institutes, and the entire faculty. Therefore, they are another support entity within the faculty. The role of student ombudspersons is available within each institute for student affairs at all levels of study.

Who can become a student ombudsperson?

A student ombudsperson can be a student of the institute where they are studying in a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral program. It is an elected position; elections are organized by student associations operating within the institutes. The complete text of the Student Ombudsman's Code can be found here

How will ombudspersons be elected?

If you are interested in becoming a student ombudsperson, you can submit your application to the chairperson of the election commissions of individual student associations from February 1 to February 26, 2024 (the composition of the election commissions will be published). You can find a sample application form here. The actual elections for student ombudspersons will take place online on March 4-5, 2024.

Election committees


Jiří Mikulenka (chairperson)
Markéta Ondřejová 
Vašek Pham 


Agáta Kalkusová (chairperson)
Richard Růžička 
Matouš Honeš 


Šimon Charvát (chairperson)
Matyáš Fuksa
Hannah Holíková


Josefina Jakubcová  (chairperson)
Jan Mikeš
Adéla Klimešová


Ludmila Rašková (chairperson)
Markéta Houbová 
Monika Drozdová