Summer semester 2023/24 courses evaluation

Ilustrační obrázek k hodnocení kurzů

Summer semester 2023/24 courses evaluation

Have you already evaluated the summer semester courses?

Let us kindly remind you that June 30, 2024 is the deadline for you to share your experience with the summer semester 2023/24 courses at Please use your usual CAS login. Issues? Please, contact

To improve the quality of the courses in the near future, it is most helpful if you dedicate an extra few minutes and describe specific things you (dis)liked about the course or suggest what you would improve about the content or the form of the course.  

Based on the student evaluation, the best courses are later awarded by the faculty management (the so-called Golden Courses), while the worst-rated courses are discussed by the lecturers and the management in order to seek improvement based on the specific feedback.

Thank you!