Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS)

Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS)

Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS) is the coordinating body in charge of

  • keeping records of doctoral studies (above all, gathering and evaluating Individual Study Plans, maintaining up-to-date bibliographies of PhD candidates, and monitoring grant-seeking activities)
  • coordination of Doctoral Seminars
  • assigning tasks to students employed as CDS members
  • organization of annual international PhD workshops
  • web-site promotion of doctoral studies at the IES
  • coordination and linking teaching and research activities of PhD candidates
  • providing service to the Doctoral Council
  • seeking additional funding for doctoral students

The Director of the Centre of Doctoral Studies is nominated by the IES Elected Chairman, upon consultation with Department Directors and the Doctoral Council. The Director is accountable to the IES Elected Chairman.

Extra support for doctoral students

Doctoral studies at the IES are financed from the state budget (a sum of per-capita subsidy and research subsidy that is based on recent performance), domestic grant agencies as well as other grant sources. Sponsorship and contributions are also welcome.

Given available financial means, the IES supports PhD candidates in the following:

  • full-time employment of selected internal-form students who appear to be the most perspective for the IES
  • travel support for active participation at summer schools, workshops, and conferences
  • awarding publication and teaching bonuses
  • inviting foreign faculty into Doctoral Seminars
  • organizing workshops with international faculty and/or international PhD candidates.


Klára Kantová

  • Coordination of CDS activities
  • General information 
  • Handbook
  • Special questions

Anna Pavlovová

  • Individual study plans
  • Student allocation to seminars
  • Doctoral seminars

Lenka Nechvátalová and Diana Kmeťková

  • Small defenses
  • Dissertation defenses

Theodor Petřík

  • Admissions
  • Information for applicants
  • Methodology seminar
  • State exams

Tomáš Boukal

  • Publications, conferences and grant activities
  • Information concerning financing 
  • Research assistants


Renáta Nedomová

  • User accounts, e-control administration
  • travel orders, business trips
  • billing

Barbora Holková

  • IES Website - content management