Pre-Defense of Hana Dzmuranova's dissertation thesis

  The pre-defense of Hana Dzmuranova 's dissertation thesis "Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Risk of Banking Books in the Czech Republic" will be held on Wednesday November 4, 2020 from 5:10 pm in the room 314 . More information here. The...

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Deadline for GAUK applications is November 2

Grant Agency of Charles University opened a new round of applications with commencement in 2021. Students of Master’s and Ph.D. programs studying in their standard study period can submit their grant proposals. Duration of projects is 1-3 years. The...

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Czech Journal of Economics and Finance

The third issue of  Czech Journal of Economics and Finance  was published in September, its special focus being  Bank and Fiscal Stability in Europe. You can access the articles on the following links: Lena MALEŠEVIĆ PEROVIĆ, Giovanni MILLO:...

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The best courses in Summer Semester 2019/20

We congratulate the following lecturers on leading our course evaluation ranking in Summer Semester 2019/20: Bachelor's : NMMA702 Matematika 2 (Kalenda), JEB109 Econometrics I (Krištoufek) and NMMA704 Matematika 4 (Vlasák) Master's : JEM207...

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Individual consultations allowed in online form only

Please, mind that following the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic from October 12, 2020,  it is only possible to hold individual consultations online, starting Wednesday,  October 14, till at leasts November 1, 2020.  All previous...

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Study abroad opportunities: Extended application deadline

The International Office announces a call for applications for study stays abroad within the framework of inter-faculty and inter-university agreements in Winter Semester 2021/2022. You might study at the best economic school in Russia - New Economic...

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