Finance your mobility from the Rector's Mobility Fund

The International office announces the opportunity to finance study and research abroad from the Rector's Mobility Fund for bachelor, master, and PhD students. Only future travel plans are funded. The Fund primarily finances inter-university exchanges,...

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JEM229 Treasury Management: A new course for Masters

Do you want to know the rationale behind treasury management? Do you want to be familiar with different options of obtaining funds and managing financing cashflows in relation to various phases of business growth cycle? What are the needs of start-up in...

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Alumnus of the Month in August was Patrik Bauer

Who is the last Alumnus of the Month this summer? Patrik Bauer. An enthusiastic traveller and now a gardener, he has been working at T-Mobile since this year, where he is in charge of...

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Defense of Hana Hejlová's dissertation thesis

The defense of Hana Hejlová's dissertation thesis "Topics in Real Estate Analysis and Macroprudential Policy" will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, from 17:10 in room 314. More information can be found here . Please join the defense...

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