PhDr. Jaromír Baxa, Ph.D.

PhDr. Jaromír Baxa, Ph.D.


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Místnost: č. O311, Opletalova 26

ResearcherID: H-4755-2014

Scopus Author ID: 53876956500

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9768-209X



2006-2013 PhD ekonomie, IES FSV UK
2004-2006 magistr ekonomie, IES FSV UK
2001-2004 bakalář ekonomie IES FSV UK

Odborná praxe

2013+ odborný asistent, IES FSV UK
20126+ postdoc, ÚTIA AV ČR
2010 Evropská centrální banka, odbor fiskální politiky

Rok vydání


  • CAHLÍK, Tomáš - ŠVARC, Petr - ŠVARCOVÁ, Natálie - BAXA, Jaromír - HAUSENBLAS, Václav. Network approaches in economics. 1st ed vyd. Prague: Karolinum, 2009. 115 s. ISBN 978-80-246-1705-3.

Kapitoly v monografiích

  • HORVÁTH, Roman - BAXA, Jaromír - VAŠÍČEK, Bořek. Time-varying monetary policy rules and financial stress. In: EIJFFINGER, Sylvester - MASCIANDARO, Donato. Handbook of central banking, financial regulation and supervision: after the financial crisis. 1st ed vyd. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2011, s. 268-313. ISBN 978-1-84980-313-7.


Příspěvky v konferenčních sbornících

  • BAXA, Jaromír - PAULUS, Michal. The New Fiscal Rules in the Czech Republic: Will They Work?. In: MÉSZÁROS, József. Fiscal Rules in the EU after the Crisis : a Selection of Papers Presented during the Budapest Public Finance Seminar 2018 1st ed vyd. Budapest: Hungarian State Treasury, Budapest, 2018, s. 9-20. ISBN 978-963-693-915-1.
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JEM216 - Advanced Macroeconomics
JEM116 - Applied Econometrics
JEM209 - History and Methodology of Economics
JEM211 - Philosophy, Economics and Politics: Current Debates
JEM158 - Tools for Modern Macroeconometrics

Bakalářské práce

If you wish to write a bachelor thesis with me, don't hesitate to stop by.
Currently, I'm increasingly interested in EU policies, inflation dynamics, fiscal and monetary policies. Nevertheless, topics from fields like economic history or economic growth are also welcomed. Some topics I offer can be quite simple but there are some that can be more challenging.

Diplomové práce

If you wish to write a diploma thesis with me, don't hesitate to stop by.
Currently, I'm increasingly interested in EU policies, inflation dynamics, fiscal consolidations, fiscal and monetary policies. Some topics I offer can be quite simple but there are some that can be more challenging.

More specifically:
Explaining asymmetric developments in the euro area
How long does it take until the positive effects of structural reforms do materialize?
Current account dynamics and euro area differences
Bond spreads of the EU member states. Are fundamentals enough to explain their dynamics?
New fiscal rules in the EU. Will they work?
Bond spreads and nonlinear models. Is there any evidence of switching behavior? Which variables cause switching?
Bond spreads and fiscal consolidations: When does the fiscal effort pays off?
Event studies: evaluating the effects of announcements of yet another austerity programme during the Great Recession.
Fiscal space: Shall we include private debts in calculations?
Issues in fiscal rules.
What explains different duration of the Great Recession across countries?
Reaction functions of various central banks in Great Recession
Identification of equilibrium exchange rates
Topics in economic growth (inequality, indebtedness, human capital)
Topics in economic history (20th century preferably, I'm mostly interested in the interplay between economic theory, economic policy and vice versa)

2020–22 Czech Science Foundation (GACR 20-14990S), “Economic Policy in Times of Uncertainty”, Principal Investigator

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