Výzkumné semináře

Výzkumné semináře



March 21: Competing Forces in the German New Car Market: How do they Affect Diesel, PHEV, and BEV sales?
Anna Alberini, University of Maryland

April 5: Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Anomalies in Set-Identified SVARs: Revisited
Sebastian K. Rüth, University of Erfurt

May 22: The Timing of Voluntary Delisting
Gonul Colak, University of Sussex

May 30: The Taxonomy of Tail Risk
Evarist Stoja, University of Bristol

June 1: The Role of Noncognitive Ability on Health Status and Wealth Accumulation
Hwan-sik Choi, Binghamton University

October 31: TBD
Carlos Salazar, Bank of England

TBD: Bounded Rationality and Randomized Experiments
Chishio Furukawa, Yokohama National University


March 24: CFO Facial Beauty and Bank Loan Contracting
Karel Hrazdil, Simon Fraser University

April 14: The Persistence of Investment Inefficiencies: The Dynamics of Default and Endogenous Leverage
Dimitrios Tsomocos, University of Oxford

May 26: The Costs of Being Sustainable: Cross-Country Evidence
Gonul Colak, University of Sussex, Hanken School of Economics

June 9: Policy Effectiveness on the Global COVID-19 Pandemic and Unemployment Outcomes: A Large Mixed Frequency Spatial Approach
Ying Chen, National University of Singapore

September 20: M&As and Innovation: Evidence from Acquiring Private Firms
Jana Fidrmuc, University of Warwick

October 3: Does Digital Finance Matter? Evidence from the Impact of COVID19 Shock on Bank Stocks
Claudia Curi, Free University of Bolzano

October 20: Forward Equity Risk Premium and Its Economic Implications
Radu Tunaru, University of Sussex